Cleansing emulsion and cream brand Illyssia

Most of my face care is made up for oily, combination, or problem skin. But as you know, such skin also needs hydration, especially in the off-season or winter period. Therefore, I decided to “soften” my care a little and add a few nutrients designed for sensitive skin. In cosmetic stocks there were just a few suitable products of an unfamiliar brand ...
Illyssia - This is a professional Swiss cosmetics. Personally, I haven’t heard of such a thing as I think you before, until we were presented with several care products. There are very few reviews on the Internet, but at the Beautician there is only one =) Therefore, I decided to make my contribution :)
So, we will talk about two means.
1. Cellular Cleansing Emulsion, cell cleansing emulsion for all skin types
2. Moisturizing day cream for sensitive and delicate skin "Green Dimension Day Moisture Cream"

Packing I immediately want to note these funds - thick, frosted glass in bottles, large plastic lids. Packaging is both an advantage and a disadvantage of these products. If the cream has an even more or less familiar jar, then the emulsion bottle turned out to be problematic to use, since there is no dispenser. The remedy flows out of the neck very reluctantly, and shaking and turning such a weighty vessel with wet hands is quite dangerous).
Smell both agents have the same - typical cream, with a light grassy hue.
Consistency also creamy, the emulsion is very slightly more liquid than cream. So, more about it.

1. Emulsion cell cleansing for all skin types Illyssia "Cellular Cleansing Emulsion"
The emulsion is designed to cleanse the face, so I used it as a usual cleanser: applied to a wet face, left it for a while (for example, while brushing my teeth), then washed off. By the way, this method of application is recommended by the manufacturer as well ... But I have the strong impression that I use this tool somehow not so. Because there was no sense.
In general, I switched to this remedy when my skin became drier in the fall ... I decided to "spare" it and temporarily abandon the use of the usual cleansing gels for oily skin in favor of this creamy emulsion ... But to wash my face with a cream is somehow strange ... This product is rather oily for washing (and does not foam at all), moreover, it does not cope with its main duty - cleansing. The manufacturer promises that this emulsion can remove makeup - but in fact, even after washing it in the morning, I wiped my face with tonic - the cotton pad became an incomprehensible gray color (.
Perhaps, over time, the promised moisturizing and regenerating effect would have manifested itself, but I believe that let the cream deal with this better, and it is very important to thoroughly clean the skin (especially the problematic one). Therefore, I used this emulsion only for a couple of weeks (when the skin was especially dry), and then gave it in good hands :)
Rating: 2.

Now about the cream.
2. Moisturizing day cream for sensitive and delicate skin Illyssia "Green Dimension Day Moisture Cream"
Well, I liked this tool much more. Although it has one drawback, it is absorbed rather slowly for a day cream. In the morning there is no time to wait. If it is not absorbed instantly, it means slowly. After all, I want to do everything quickly: smear my face with cream, tonal top, tint eyelashes and run to work. Even a couple of minutes will not be superfluous. Therefore, I use it in the morning only if you do not need to go anywhere, but mainly in the evening. I smear only cheeks every day, and my whole face - only occasionally, for food. It softens the skin quite well. I have not noticed clogged pores yet. I've been using it for almost a month now.
Rating: 4.

Summary: It was interesting to get acquainted with the cosmetics of this brand. But since it is not sold everywhere, I do not see the point of bothering with its search. There may be more aesthetics in it, but sometimes the effect of the products of even a lower price category is felt much better!

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