My first BB Missha M Vita Matte

Good afternoon, I have long wanted to write a post about my first VV-ke, but I put it off. I bought it, since I decided to start with the "classic".
Actually, after giving birth, my skin changed its landmark sharply and became terribly oily and problematic. For me, this was a very unpleasant surprise, since even in my youth I did not suffer from it. Therefore, in addition to active actions on resuscitated skin, I decided that I need Matting BB cream from my nose. After searching the Internet, I decided to try the most standard and simple Misha. And this came out :)
My face is without makeup. Of course now I’m no longer afraid to look at her without camouflage, but she’s still far from ideal. Fat shine, a lot of small subcutaneous tissue, periodically small point inflammations and black spots - these are the companions of my face now.
Now about the cream:
- The texture is medium density, but it is not very easily distributed over the face, I have to tinker with it
- Masks medium, strong flaws will not hide
- Does not mattify at all, even I will say more, exacerbates the oily skin
- It does not last long, after a couple of hours it starts to disappear somewhere
- Washes off medium, I use a wash and natural soap)
Cream photo:
Face immediately after application of explosives:

To say that the magic wand of “Photoshop” touched my face - you can’t say it, I evened out the tone a little, gave it well-groomed, but no more.
And after half an hour already with makeup:

Bottom line: The cream is not the worst, it sits relatively well on the face, does not yellow or pink, but I didn’t notice anything special. At first I was a little disappointed, but now I’m determined to look for my explosive further. Still, they sit and look nicer than regular tonals.
Testing period: 6 months
Price: 140 UAH (about 18 $)
Rating: perhaps 4--

Watch the video: Missha M Vita BB Cream Matte Review & Application! (February 2020).