Turn the gel into foam

I ran out of beautiful foam, which I wrote about here ...
I went and bought the gel in order to save money and for the test (it costs 60 r less and seems to be positioned as a more economical means).
But it seemed a little sticky to me and I decided to try to fix it.
The result exceeded expectations! And save 1400 rubles  

We will make foam out of the gel. Yes, and save 1400r! (The resulting product compensates for 4 bottles of foam at a cost of 350 r each).
Devices and materials:
A bottle of gel - I have The Body Shop Tea Tree, 290 rubles. Any with a similar texture will do.
Foam bottle. The main thing for us is, of course, the pump!
Water. I used a carefully filtered one. You can, I think, replace the thermal one if you wish.
Turn off the pump, rinse the bottle. Pour 1/4 of the gel there. Fill with water. Shake a little. We fasten the pump, press several times, there is a great foam! Happiness is full of pants. The gel foam turned out to be slightly more elastic than the one that was originally sold.
And this property definitely makes the product even better! I'm happy. Cleansing properties remain at their best!
It was and it has become

Thank you for your attention, my name is Anna. I hope the post will help save a little money and adapt the wrong product :)

Watch the video: We buried our entire body in EXPANDING FOAM. (February 2020).