Make Up Factory - Creamy Lip Color # 45

Hello girls!
Today, the post will be devoted to another creamy lip wonder, a miniature of which I got in one of the beauty boxes and was silent about which I couldn’t invite everyone under the cut

So, lately I really liked glossy matte textures in lip glosses, which are very thick and very similar to liquid lipsticks. What was my surprise when, opening the beauty box, I came across my eyes this cutest miniature glitter from Make up factory Moreover, it was a direct hit in color
From the manufacturer: Lip gloss is distinguished by its pleasant texture and stunning gloss, bright color. The perfect combination of rich color and crevice lightness. The original size has a capacity of 6.5 ml, while I have a miniature of 2.5 ml, which is also good
Detailed opinion: I caught a shade of No. 45, a rather autumnal and beautiful shade, at the same time calm and attractive. Glitter really has a very delicate creamy texture, which has a good, but not vulgar gloss.
Shine is very comfortable felt on the lips, envelops. It has practically no smell and taste, does not give off bitterness. It does not roll into the folds of the lips, does not remain a white stripe and does not spread beyond the contour. I hold on my lips for about 2-3 hours, after a snack or tea, I need to refresh a little or distribute the finer shine on my lips. It leaves my lips unnoticed, probably due to a shade that is close to my natural lip color.
Gloss is equipped with a wide and dense brush, which is quite convenient to apply the product. One time is enough to make up my rather plump lips, without undue modesty. This fact is very pleasing, because you do not have to poke a million times in a tube.
Now let's move on to the swatch on the lips, but for a start - the lips of “nude”:
And now I ask to view the swatch:

Bottom line: excellent gloss of excellent quality! I'm thinking about purchasing the original size.
Original Volume: 6.5 ml;
Term of use: 4 days;
The cost of the original volume: 126 UAH;
Rating: 5!
Thank you all for your attention!
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