Help in the fight against subcutaneous tissue or Help return my peach skin to me

Hello, beautiful girls!
Once again, after washing, she looked at herself in the mirror and was horrified! The whole face (from the temples to the chin) in small tubercles.
Who can help or just sympathize, please, under the cat…

To begin with, my skin has never been problematic, it just becomes oily in the area of ​​the t-zone. Very rarely, a pimple could jump on his forehead, more often at the time when I wear a bang.
So imagine my condition when over time some of the tubercles began to ripen and hurt. I have already stopped and painted (because I don’t know what the reaction is), and use creams and thermal waters. I must say right away that everything is in order with health and nutrition - recently I underwent a full examination.
Please help someone who faced a similar problem. For a cosmetologist, a record in 2 months - so I see no reason to register now.
On Monday I’m going out for a new job - how to go without makeup?
Thank you in advance for your help!
I appreciate the opinion of each of you :)

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