Pink & silver

I was drawn to simple experiments with manicure.
Last time there was a black and red jacket, but this time it was a pink and silver diagonal.

For this manicure, I needed pink and silver varnishes + scotch tape (in my case it was a masking tape).
A little about the varnishes themselves:
Orly fancy fuchsia
Bright pink cream. As for me, he even casts violet, it feels like almost neon =) Somehow I missed a little while buying it)))
The texture of the varnish is a little thick, I had to dilute it, because at first it went sooo unevenly. Although with straight arms it can be applied in one layer - it lies without bald spots, does not shine through. Some brush fluffed by sensations (maybe because of the density of the varnish). Does his finish have some kind of not quite glossy, satin or something? Like Orly Floric. 1 layer dries very quickly, 2 - for a long time. Holds well.
Orly shine
Silver polish. Oooochen thick fine shimmer. Liquid. It lays well, holds too. Can slightly strip in 1 layer. It dries quickly with drying. It is removed without problems.
Well, a photo of manicure:

Thanks for attention)

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