INM OutTheDoor Nail Polish "Ecstasy"

Definitely a beautiful ambiguous varnish :)

This varnish "lives" in my lacobox for about a year, but I used it, from strength, about two times. Because, in order not to look too catchy and inappropriate, he urgently needs support in the form of a scarf / ornament on a blouse / etc., and you will not find such colors in my wardrobe in the afternoon with fire.
Another thing that upsets me: a thin and long brush. Thanks to her (and a special thanks to the super-liquid texture of the varnish) I drew an even line on the cuticle for half an hour!
But how beautiful he is! Two layers of varnish and you have bright fuchsia on your nails with a blue shimmer that literally “burns” in the light! Own gloss in the varnish is quite modest. As, however, and durability: by the evening of the second day chips and scratches appear. I tried to rehabilitate the varnish using a Seche Vite dryer ... The gloss turned out to be excellent! But I will not say anything about resistance ...

Perhaps my capricious nails are to blame, but we did not succeed in friendship with this varnish. Desires to try his "brothers" too.
Price: ~ 250 rub.
Have you tried INM OutTheDoor varnishes?

Watch the video: Swatches. INM Out The Door Nail Lacquer (February 2020).