Nail Polish: Essie, Misa, China Glaze

Good afternoon Beauticians!
As a beginner lacomaniac, I dreamed of trying brands of nail polishes that are impossible to buy in our city, thanks for the online shopping :)
So, I’m glad to show you my new varnish acquisitions (I actually have 13 of them, I’ll show you, for starters, those materials on which I managed to prepare):

1) Essie Nail Polish, Flirt 558
Lucky Essie, my dream. I read on this resource that these varnishes have a new brush format, which is wider and rounded, Essie varnishes came to me from the online store, with the old brush form - thin, almost like Orly varnishes, but not so long. Despite this, it is very convenient to paint with a brush, in spite of its small size, it gains a lot of varnish, i.e. no need to dip the brush 2 times to make up 1 nail, apparently it is made of some kind of super pile :) In the brush, all the fibers are neat, one to one.
My very first handsome man, and the Flirt color, which is completely unusual for me. I have mostly calm colors in my collection, and this color is very bright, juicy, almost "tear out my eyes."
Also, the color is similar to a scarlet shade, with a drop of coral, under different lighting conditions. It should be noted that the color is complex, because It depends on the lighting. By texture - I can’t say that this is a pure cream, most likely cream jelly, which gives glossiness to the color and the effect of a glass. The varnish is applied seamlessly, I always apply 2 layers, as in the photo you see, so the color looks more juicy, tasty. And out of habit, I put the top drying INM or MAC on top, in the MAC photo for comparison, it is applied to the first 3 fingers, starting with the thumb., And on the ring and little finger INM. There is practically no difference between them, only there is a difference in price (INM - 200 rubles. MAC - 600 rubles). The varnish dries quickly, in terms of durability - at least until the evening, the varnish tips are slightly erased, it also shines, does not chip, but I paint my nails almost every day. Varnish may slug with very small bubbles, each layer must be well dried.
Further more photos:

Price $ 5.95 plus shipping about $ 3 per varnish
Rating 5.
2) Misa Nail Polish, Bed of Roses 276 color
I also got to know this brand of varnishes for the first time. This varnish has a brush that is slightly thicker than Essie and slightly longer, but not as thick as OPI. The varnish has a clean. jelly texture, without shimmer and other sparkles. In one layer, the varnish is translucent on the nails, in 2 layers is already more saturated, very glossy color, pink "Barbie" tone. Even in 2 layers, the smile line is visible, which creates a more voluminous and glossy color effect. The varnish is applied very easily, it should also be noted that I use the base for varnish Revlon Post trauma, which, when dried, creates a matte slightly rough surface and varnishes are very easy to apply on this surface, this base hides the yellowed color of the nail. Without such a base, this color from Misa should probably be applied in 3 layers to get the effect, as in the photo.
The varnish has its own gloss, but out of habit I use top-drying INM. The varnish also looks like glass on the nails. Until the end of the day in terms of durability, it remains in its original form without chips and cracks, the only thing is that it is soft and scratches on the surfaces of the nail can remain.
One more photo:

Price 3, 75 dollars, plus delivery of 3 dollars for each varnish
Rating 5.
3) Again Handsome Essie. Color All Tied Up. 799
This varnish has a creamy texture of brick color with a gold shimmer. It also has the old Essie brush shape. But it is applied without problems, of medium density. Does not stain the skin around the nail. I also put 2 layers on the photo, plus INM top-drying. In the shade, this lacquer seems to be burgundy, and its delicate golden shimmer is revealed in the sun. By durability - by the end of the day the tips are a little erased The varnish does not bubble, possibly due to its texture.
His photo is in the shade:

In the sun:

Price $ 5.95 plus shipping at $ 3 for each varnish.
Rating 5.
4) China Glaze nail polish, Inner Beauty color 70671.
This is not my first varnish of this brand, but I ordered a color, to replace my favorite from ORLY, the Confetti color, which I almost ran out of. But this color of China Glaze, paler, is a milky beige-white color with a drop of pink, jelly in texture. I put on a matte base from Revlon, 2 layers are enough for me, so that the color is like in a bottle, if you use a transparent base, you need 3-4 layers so that the color is in all its glory, because on 1 layer, the varnish is completely transparent.
It is applied easily, evenly, it evens out itself on the nail plate, but this color pallor hands, it will fit more tanned skin. Although the color, as it were, lengthens the nail plate and gives the nails a well-groomed appearance, very delicate. (only on macro photography varnish remained near the cuticle, in life, this is not noticeable). In terms of durability, until the evening, in its original form, sometimes I can go with it for 2 days.
His photo:

Price $ 3.40 plus shipping of $ 3 for each varnish.
Rating 5.
I hope my post will be useful to you. To be continued, another 9 varnishes ahead :)

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