We meet autumn with Essence Circuc circus color 3 nail polish, 04 cotton candy

Saturated, bright, but at the same time muffled, a little dusted pink in my opinion is great for early autumn. The sun is not cold yet, bright, slightly baking, but no longer summer. The school year has begun, the kids go to school and carry beautiful autumn flowers - asters and gladioli. This varnish, as well as beautiful flowers, are memories of the past summer.
It is no coincidence that the varnish was called tricolor - it contains 2 bottles with 4 ml varnishes: glossy muted pink without overflows, pure color and varnish with lilac spangles on a transparent pink basis. When mixed, varnishes form a third color.
Chamomile has not yet acquired, showing on a cardboard. Left flash, right without flash.
Pink varnish is very dense, falls from 1 layer, does not bald and does not strip. In all photos, it is applied in 1 layer. Without a base and top, it is worn for 3 days without chips, but it is erased from the tips. Spangled is worn an order of magnitude longer.
Photo on the left is daylight, on the right is a flash:
With flash:
Spangles applied to the nail as 1 layer. It can be seen that a lot of them are immediately transferred. I tried to catch the sparkles in the bottle in the daylight on the right and with a flash on the left:
Such a manicure dries very quickly, literally in a matter of minutes. 100% satisfied with the varnish. Essence again pleased.
Price: about 150 rub.
Rating: 5+

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