Makeup Sheer Cover

I really like to discover new cosmetic brands and products, try new ones and write about new products, therefore, of course, I was glad to receive a whole box of Sheer Cover brand cosmetics (USA). And I’ll start my review with her - from the box.
The set is packed in a box of matte light pink cardboard, the cardboard is tight - this is great, additional protection for cosmetics during shipment and transportation. On the lid of the box is a laconic brand logo. Discreet, even ascetic design on the outside ... But inside everything is much more fun. The inside of the lid is made of glossy cardboard, with illustrations and tips on how to use the tools correctly. The very cosmetics themselves are additionally packed in a bag of translucent shiny fabric - very beautiful and somehow festive, it is quite possible for someone to give such a set - a very gift appearance.
In the bag - cosmetics, under it - also a cosmetic bag. In addition, there were also informational booklets in the box - about the brand and about the features of using the funds. The booklets are beautiful, with good photos, but in some places with a somewhat clumsy translation from English, oh well.

I will go directly to cosmetics and accessories and talk about each of them individually.
1. Sheer Cover: Base Perfector. Makeup base.
A standard leveling makeup base based on silicone, whitish in color (absolutely transparent when applied to the skin). The tube is small (15 ml), but the product is very economical, distributed as thin as possible. It fills the skin irregularities (wrinkles, pores, etc.), as a result, concealer, foundation or powder on top lies more evenly. The tool is ordinary, there are many analogues.
My mark: 4.
2. Sheer Cover: Duo Concealer - Light / Medium. Double Concealer Light / Medium.
Transparent case, inside - two shades of concealer. The lighter shade has a cold, pinkish undertones, the darker - warm, yellowish. This is very convenient, allows you to use the concealer not only on the "dark circles" under the eyes, but also on redness. Two shades, besides in a different scale - it is very convenient, besides they can be mixed among themselves in different proportions. In general, this concealer definitely can not match the color!
As for the texture, everything here is also wonderful - a creamy rather thick texture, but at the same time easily spreading, giving a thin coating (can be applied with a brush and fingers, shade “to zero” more conveniently with clapping fingers). The concealer masks just fine, its motto “minimum texture - maximum masking” is at the level of prof. cosmetics.
My mark: 5+.

3. Sheer Cover: Mineral Foundation SPF-15 - Nude, Bisque. Friable Mineral Powder SPF15 - Satin, Biscuit.
The central product of the brand, so more about nm.
First of all, I want to note how cool the manufacturer came up with to automatically sell two shades of powder at once! I meet this for the first time, and I consider this idea itself unconditionally correct. The creators of Sheer Cover are great. They took into account several factors at once. Firstly, it is very difficult to choose the right shade of powder, and even more so when ordering online. Secondly, the fact that the skin of each girl not only has an individual shade, consisting of several parameters (light-dark, cold-warm), but this shade also varies greatly depending on the time of year. And Sheer Cover allows you to independently vary the color of the powder, having decided only on the general tonality: sets of two powders come in three versions - for light, for medium and for dark skin. I have a set in light key, it has two powders. As with the concealer, a slightly lighter shade (Nude or Satin) is pinkish, and a little darker (Bisque or Biscuit) is yellowish. I now mix approximately from the calculation of 3 to 2, closer to the cold season I prefer a clean shade of Nude. In general, such an opportunity to vary the color seems very convenient to me - in my opinion, this is one of the important distinguishing features of Sheer Cover.
The texture of friable powder is at the same time very fine, air grinding, and a fairly good coating density. Of course, she can’t achieve 100% masking of major skin imperfections, but evens out in a general tone quite well.
I’ll call the disadvantage of this product an inconvenient packaging, namely, a protective film that adheres to the holes so that the powder from the lower compartment does not spill into the upper compartment more than necessary. Of course, after the powder gets on the film, the film ceases to stick. Probably, it was necessary to make some kind of protective cover.
My mark: 5-.

4. Sheer Cover: Bronzing Tan Minerals. Lip-to-Lid Highlighter. Mineral powder with the effect of radiance - highlighter-bronzer.
In fact - not quite a highlighter. On the back of the jar are two inscriptions: "bronzing tan" - "bronzing tan" and "lip-tolid highlighter" - "highlighter from lips to eyelids." It turns out that this is a highlighter and a bronzer at the same time. But the shade is still noticeably tan, in the set for fair skin I would like to see a lighter version and less reddish ... The product is very shiny, it is easy to overdo it on the cheekbones, you need a minimum of funds and a maximum of shading - then you will get a slight flicker, although if you continue to find fault with the terminology, then flickering like a shimmer - with individual sparkles, and not the even shine that a highlighter should be ... But this product is definitely suitable for eye makeup.
My mark: 4.

5. Sheer Cover: Face Pallete - Sophisticate. Makeup Palette. Ginger Blush, Sable / Pebble and Charcoal / Mauve shades, Caramel Ice / Ballerina lip glosses.
Judging by the texts attached to the kit, Sheer Cover does not produce everything by itself, some products are ordered from other companies. Palette - made in China. I have nothing against Asian cosmetics at all. But, opening a large black case, I immediately noticed a sponge for eyeshadow and a lip gloss brush. They are absolutely, simply enchantingly terrible in quality, an incomprehensible soft curved foam rubber at the sponge and a shaggy bunch of nap at the brush - I did not even dare to try to use them ... Fortunately, everything else in the palette turned out to be of more decent quality. Now separately within the means.
The shadows. Four universal, basic shades. Apparently, on the idea of ​​the manufacturer for two makeup options. Beige and brown shades - for the daytime, and dark gray and pinkish - for the evening. Personally, for me, two shades are not enough for eye makeup, so I experimented - I used three shades of shadows in one make-up, and in the other two shades of color plus a highlighter-bronzer. Shades of satin texture with an interesting effect - in daylight seem dull, and in artificial light - flicker a bit (I will demonstrate this in the photographs). Well pigmented, well shaded, good durability. My mark: 5+.
Blush. Warm peach shade, not quite matte, a little satin. Pigmentation is average, optimal - it is difficult to overdo it. They look on the skin quite naturally. Although the color cannot be called universal - it is noticeably warm, in such a palette, in my opinion, it would be more logical to put a blush of a neutral shade. My mark: 4.
Lip gloss. Pretty dense in texture, rather like lipstick, sticky, not comfortable for the lips, with a fairly tangible smell, which also can not be called pleasant. But in color - none, practically do not give any shade, only a cold and warm shine due to flickering particles. Golden well, very shiny, and cold has an almost imperceptible pinkish shimmer. Using them in this format is not very convenient. In addition, they are uncomfortable and not too beautiful on the lips (I won’t even show swatches on my lips, only on my hand). My mark: 2. In my opinion, it would be better if the manufacturer supplemented the palette with a couple more shades of shadows (since the shadows are already obtained of such good quality), and the lip gloss was made in one universal natural pink shade and in a mini tube (like mascara).
Overall rating pallets are somewhere between 3 (satisfactory) and 4 (good).

6. Sheer Cover: Extra Length Mascara - Black / Brown. Extra Length Mascara - Black / Brown.
In my opinion, mascara is very good. Perfectly stains eyelashes, gives color to the colorless tips, while the mascara itself on the eyelashes is not noticeable, they just acquire color, and at the same time do not burden with texture. Mascara does not stick eyelashes, does not leave lumps or spider legs. The tube has a good limiter - exactly as much mascara on the brush as needed, there is no extra amount of texture. As a result, eyelashes are neat and not overloaded, even without additional combing. The manufacturer specified the color as black-brown, in reality it is just soft black. In general - a great option for mascara for daytime makeup.
My mark: 5.

7. Sheer Cover. Concealer brush.
Concealer brush - flat, rounded, made of dense synthetic fiber copes with its task perfectly - applies and distributes a creamy concealer. But brushing it “to zero” with this brush is a little difficult, I brush the borders of the application with my fingers.
My mark: 4.
8. Sheer Cover. Powder brush.
The powder brush, alas, is not so good - the pile is harsh, it tingles the face a little when applied, the sensations are not very pleasant ... The creators of the Sheer Cover brand somehow missed the important point that without good tools it is practically impossible to make good makeup. The brushes may also be ordered somewhere from other manufacturers (there are no identification marks on them except the Sheer Cover inscription, and there is no information about them in the leaflets to the set either). But in fact there are, after all, wonderful and not very expensive manufacturers of good, high-quality brushes made of synthetic fiber, these brushes are in many ways no worse than natural ones. So I think this problem can and should be solved.
My mark: 0 - since I did not use it, replaced it with another brush.

9. Sheer Cover. Cosmetic bag.
And here is the same problem - the cosmetic bag is made in China, from some strange very varnished material with an unpleasant synthetic smell. The cosmetic bag is large, but flat, that is, not too roomy and not too comfortable (inside only gum-holders for brushes on one side) with such dimensions. And although the cosmetic bag on the Sheer Cover website is designated as a gift when buying a kit (just like brushes and a palette for make-up, well, well), even my makeup bag as a "gift" did not cause joy, but bewilderment - it looks significantly lower in level than the level at which the brand is positioning itself ... Although, of course, this is purely my personal opinion.
My mark: 0.

General Swatch.
From left to right: Nude powder, Bisque powder, bronzer highlighter, light / medium concealer.

From left to right: Caramel Ice lip gloss, Ballerina lip gloss, Ginger blush, Sable / Pebble shade on top, Charcoal / Mauve on the bottom.

Separate swatch of mascara (makeup done with completely different shadows):

And two different makeup.
Option 1.
Three shades of shadows: dark gray shadows along the ciliary edge as the eyeliner line and in the outer corner of the eye, pinkish shadows in the center of the moving eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye, body shadows under the eyebrow and on the fixed eyelid. This makeup uses non-Sheer cover mascara.

Artificial lighting:

The same eye makeup, general view. For face makeup, a concealer was used, both shades of mineral powder and blush from the palette.

Option 2
Brown shadows in the outer corner of the eye and along the crease of the eyelid, body shadows under the eyebrow, on the fixed eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye. Mineral bronzer highlighter used as eye shadow and generously applied to the moving eyelid. Mascara - Sheer Cover.

Artificial lighting:

On the whole - a pretty pleasant acquaintance, good impressions, but not without rough moments, misunderstandings and shortcomings. It seems to me that the Sheer Cover brand lacks a little more attention to details and a little more responsible tracking of the quality of all the components of the set, right down to the sponges in the palette. After all, the overall impression is made up of little things ...
The price of this kit: about 3000 rub. (She herself would not buy such a set for the money.)
P.S. - A very important point for those who are interested in / use mineral makeup. Sheer Cover is not a mineral brand. Despite the fact that the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to this, the main product is mineral - powder in two shades, as well as highlighter. The makeup palette, concealer and base are not mineral makeup.

Watch the video: How to Use Sheer Cover with Leeza Gibbons - Perfect Application in 3 Minutes! (February 2020).