Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster Reviews

In February, I bought a starter kit consisting of 7 best sellers from Ole Henriksen.
OLE HENRIKSEN was created by Danish cosmetologist Ole Henriksen. All products are based on natural extracts, they often use fruit acids and antioxidants. All brand products do not contain parabens, sulfates, triclosan and genetically modified components.

My source data: 28 years old, combination skin, in summer the T-zone is oily, in winter almost normal. I bought this kit because I wanted to try something new.
Let's start:
1.Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser-Face Wash with African Red Tea Extract
The foam is enriched with plant extracts that prevent skin aging. African red tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C.
Love at first touch! Firstly, this foam smells like freshly peeled oranges. Such a natural pleasant smell, just aromatherapy. Secondly, the texture of the foam is very delicate, weightless, airy, such a feeling that you wash your face with a cloud. One press of the pump on the whole face is enough, but I always do the 2nd, I like when there is a lot of foam.
The manufacturer promises that the foam removes makeup, but I doubt it a little. In my opinion, she is very gentle and cleanses her face delicately. Now I use only powder and it washes me off, but I don’t know if she can completely wash off the tonic or BB cream.
The skin does not tighten the foam and it is a pleasure to use it. Its smell and texture directly lift my mood. Be sure to buy the full version.
Rating: 5+++
2. OIe Henriksen Walnut Complexition Scrub-foam facial scrub with walnut and ginseng extract
The scrub is thick, dense, and quite hard. On a wet face begins to foam a little. Exfoliates fine-skin after it is fresh and radiant. On the one hand, it is tough, and on the other, it does not injure my skin. I use it once a week, although the manufacturer advises 2-3 times a week. It smells very nice sweet nuts. Its minus particles get under the nails if you gain a lot of it.
Rating: 5
3. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel-Gel for the skin around the eyes with cucumber and calendula
The manufacturer says that the gel returns elasticity, smoothness and tightens the skin around the eyes. It can be used in the morning and evening, but better at night.
The gel is a little sticky, but quickly absorbed. It cools a little pleasantly, soothes and moisturizes the skin well. I did not notice any tightening or elasticity around the eyes. It has no effect on the circles under the eyes. I have its smell associated with bugs that live on plants, it is not very pleasant; smear not smelling.
Rating: 4
2 daily funds:

4. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster-Collagen Facial Serum
Highly effective serum with vitamin C, which prevents and reduces the severity of age-related changes, improves complexion. Stimulates collagen production.
The serum has a liquid gel texture, a pleasant light smell of orange, the bottle has a little orange color, but it doesn’t give any shade on the skin. Sticky, but instantly absorbed. Gives the skin a light glow and moisturizes. I apply only in the morning, and the manufacturer advises in the morning and evening. I don’t use sera at all, this is my first. Nice little thing.
Rating: 4+
5. Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Super Crème SPF 15 Day Cream with SPF 15
I apply this cream after serum. The cream is surprisingly dense, it is simply not realistic to smear it on a dry face, I always apply it on a moist one. Just like whey, it smells nice like fresh oranges. It is instantly absorbed, moisturizes well, does not clog pores. Just like after serum, the face shines gently. Suitable for all skin types.
Rating: 4+
The next pair of nightly remedies:

6. Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel - Firming Night Gel
From the manufacturer: Gel with a non-greasy light texture has anti-inflammatory and whitening effects. Contains alpha hydroxy acids (ANA), which provide a delicate, effective regeneration of facial skin cells. It is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, while effectively brightens, moisturizes and softens thanks to the minerals and vitamins contained in it. The skin becomes smooth and radiant.
Lightweight, semi-transparent with a green tint, the gel is slightly smelling of something sour. The most controversial product for me.
When I started using it, I did not read that it contains a complex of alpha-hydroxy acids. The first time I plucked terribly, I was already scared. In winter, I had enough for him for 3 weeks. Each time, an unpleasant pinch of his face. He also rolled off my skin just like a gommage. I read that it happens when you apply a lot, I began to put a small drop. So sometimes rolled up, sometimes not. I was tired of this torture, I abandoned him and only remembered him in May. This time, he completely stopped pinching, only in the first 10-15 seconds a slight tingling sensation is felt. After it, the skin just prays for hydration. I apply 2 layers of cream, spray with thermal spray and everything seems to be small. I don’t feel any film on my skin from it, or tightening, but I want to either wash it off and immerse my face in a barrel with moisturizer. I did not understand this product at all and do not use it anymore. There is an almost complete jar on the shelf.
Rating: 2 (absolutely did not fit me)
7. Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation: An anti-aging, skin-perfecting complex-Anti-aging, skin-improving creamFrom the manufacturer: Helps reduce hyperpigmentation (freckles, age-related pigmentation, the harmful effects of sunlight). Beta-hydroxy acids contribute to the accelerated renewal of skin cells, smooth small wrinkles. Provides protection against harmful effects.
Light odorless white cream. For all skin types, it can be used in the morning and evening. I use it as an evening cream, because it does not have SPF. It is easily distributed on the skin, quickly absorbed, perfectly moisturizes. My face is a little whitened. The skin after it is smooth and delicate. Pores are not clogged.
Rating: 5
General impressions of the complex:
Pluses-all means even out the color / tone of the skin, give it a kind of gentle glow, moisturize well. Almost everything smells very nice. Small jars are quickly consumed and not annoying.
Cons-Personally, I did not notice the difference in facial wrinkles. I do not like gel-shaped creams, I am not pleased at all but to touch them.
The creams did not impress me, but the cleansers (foam, scrub) really liked. I think I will continue my acquaintance with Ole in this series.
Price: $ 55 per set
Term of use: 5-6 months
Thanks for attention! Be beautiful.

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