Natura Siberica Reviews

Hello, dear inmates. Beauticians!
After a long and persistent search, I found for myself the perfect foam for removing makeup from the eyes from Natura Siberica.

The picture is taken from the official website of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer Promises:
A gentle moisturizing foam based on Rhodiola rosea, Daurian lily and Kurim tea delicately and effectively removes makeup from sensitive skin that requires special care. Rhodiola pink, which is part of it, stimulates the metabolism, improves the respiration of skin cells and restores its regenerative functions. Daurian lily gently calms and saturates the cells with nutrient moisture. Kurimsky tea improves blood circulation, effectively maintains the tone of the skin around the eyes and eliminates traces of fatigue. Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic product, without parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances and dyes.
My opinion:
"It is necessary, it is necessary to wash in the mornings and evenings!" - Beloved beloved Moidodyr, like a mantra, firmly convincing since childhood the urgent need to make friends with fragrant soap and a fluffy towel. He did it: I wash my face twice a day, regardless of the state of fatigue and time of day. I know, I know to remove eye makeup, washing my eyes with foam is extremely unprofitable for them, but I can not help myself. I remove cosmetics from the eyes with cleansers, and then clean them with micellar water. The search for a special foam for removing makeup from the eyes by washing took quite a long time, abroad did not help us, but the domestic manufacturer was pleased with the presence of the desired product. Recently, I prefer organic cosmetics. So, the moisturizing foam for removing makeup from the eyes, as the label says, is suitable for sensitive skin, which is very important for me, because my combination skin is sensitive enough and can respond to organic components. At the same time, I would like to note that allergies were not observed with funds from Natura Siberica. The foam contains: Rhodiola rosea (it is also known as the golden root, by the way, is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation), Kurim tea, organic angelica extract, organic sage extract, organic green tea extract, and organic soapberry extract. Means for washing is a white foam, the consistency is slightly less thick than shaving foam. It smells nice of freshness and medicinal herbs. As for detergents, a single dose when pressed on a rather tight dispenser is sometimes not enough. We have to repeat the procedure. The foam is soft, gentle, does not cause irritation, the eyes do not pinch at all. Mascara is washed off without a trace, a little pencil may remain on the lower eyelid, which, when washed again, still leaves us. I can’t say anything about removing waterproof cosmetics, because I don’t use one, because I don’t like the corrosiveness of paint on the skin. In general, I am very pleased with the foam, it copes with its task well. Of the minuses, I can sometimes point out the need to resort to micellar water and inefficiency: it is consumed quickly enough. I have enough such funds for six months, this bottle was enough for four and a half months.
Price: 126 rub for 150 ml.
Test period: since May 2012.
Rating: 4 with a big plus.
Thanks for reading.
Your linden.

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