Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quandra Eye Shadow Reviews

By the will of fate, the American version of the autumn palette Chanel came to me. In pursuit of the post AnnaVita I will write my opinion about her :)
The photo:

Detailed opinion: Until recently, I had only one Chanel Vanites palette, I bought it myself to see why everyone likes it) I was extremely disappointed, those shadows began to crumble even before I touched them, they were very sparkling and most important bullying is weight. 1.2 grams for 70 dollars? I decided to end my acquaintance with the fours on it, but for my happiness, my young man brought this palette to me from the USA as a surprise (he also brought it from the last collection, here is what kind of underground mod I have :)) American is another matter! compare the suspects :)
there is no difference between the closed boxes and bags, as the American shape is square, the applicators are located on the bottom and not on the side and they are not baked. That is, the American shadows are softer, easier to shade and, it seems to me, are better pigmented, although I can’t pretend to say so, since the shadows that I have are completely different. By the way, American shadows pour in as willingly and plentifully as European ones.
Well, the most important injustice for a lower price in the American version is almost 6 times more shadows! (6.8 vs 1.2) why? I don’t understand the logic)
Swatch: let's move on to swatch, all shades except brown are satin, and brown sparkles (but not like Vanites, more delicate). Light pink and light peach are weakly pigmented, but they can also be useful. Dark gray is very pigmented, it can be used as an eyeliner in a dry or wet way.
Let's move on to practice. I'll show you a couple of daytime makeup:
Brown and peach, applied without base
Gray and pink, also without a base.

And more intense application, all four shades with base and eyeliner.

I have enough pigmentation so that the difference between peach and pink is visible (pink in the inner corner, peach in the middle of the century)
Price: about 60 dollars
Test period: month
A good basic palette, such shades are for absolutely everyone :) I liked the American fellow fours Chanel. I would like to somehow get to the classics of the genre in the American version such as Murano or Garden Party ...

In the comments of many, such a huge difference between American and European shadows was outraged. I decided to google this question with the following results:
The company Chanel answered the question of many famous makeup artist gossmakeupartist (I don’t know what to call him, man from YouTube), he posted the answer as an update to the comments of one of his videos:
CHANEL's iconic "Les 4 Ombres" Quadra Eye Shadow, and "Joues Contrastes"
Powder Blush comes in two formulas: compact shadows available in the United States and an exclusive baked formula available throughout the rest of the world. Over the past 20 years, compact powder has been very popular in America, and since we are attentive to our customers, we continued to produce both formulas, despite the fact that it would be more convenient to produce one formula all over the world.
The difference in weight of the two formulas is due to different production methods and different raw materials. The weight of each formula has been adapted to both types of shadows and blush so that they all last the same time no matter which version a person buys.
Baked powders and compact powders last about the same. Baked eye shadow contains the same pigment concentration as compact eye shadow. Interestingly, baked shadows are also more versatile, they can be applied dry or wet to create different images, they can be used as a liner.
such an explanation was sent by representatives of Chanel. anyone interested, you can read the source.