Lumene Natural Code Smile Booster Reviews

I want to share my impressions of lip gloss LUMENE NATURAL CODE SMILE BOOSTER No. 9 Creamy fuchsia.

Little background: Impressed by one post about Eva Mosaic lip gloss, I went to the store, hoping to purchase this little thing. But, unfortunately, neither in the first, nor in the second, nor in all other stores of our "city", I was able to find this product. And since I still need lip gloss, after a long study of the assortment, I opted for a series of gloss from LUMENE NATURAL CODE. The whole palette consists of pastel shades, without a shimmer, not a very dense texture, but very good gloss. Most of all I was attracted by the shade No. 9 of Creamy fuchsia - cream fuchsia. Photos with small descriptions:
The color on the hand seems quite saturated, but on the lips it does not look so bright
A bow-shaped brush. For me, this is new, so it’s unusual to use it yet, but it stains well, although this is not the kind of gloss that can be applied on the go.
Well, now the main thing: lips "before" and "after"

Detailed opinion:
The purchase pleased, the product fully justifies its value. The smell is pleasant, reminds me of raspberries, but quite delicate and unobtrusive. It does not leave a white strip, it does not spread anywhere. The form of the sponge is ambiguous, I have not yet decided whether I like it or not, although I am more inclined to the first. It is convenient to paint over the corners of the lips. Durability is average. I made up before going to work at 7 in the morning, I needed to fix it after dinner. During this period, she just drank and talked, her splendor held on with a bang. Although the manufacturer claims that the gloss is not sticky, I still tend to believe that it is sticky enough, and this is perhaps the only minus of this product.
Test period: a week
Rating: 5-
Price: 180 rub
Have a good mood and have a nice working day! I’m Katya, to me on "you".

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