Catherine arley # 515

Hello everyone!
Continuing the theme of varnishes Catherine Arley.
Full name of the shade: Catherine Arley # 515, Plum Grape Cream Jelly.
My general opinion: A very pleasant color, not in conflict with the skin of the hands, decorates the hands, emphasizing the tan.
The color is by no means the most summer, but we do not have heat now, but rains, overcast.
The texture is very pleasant, self-leveling, the brush stains the nail plate well. The first layer lies in places with gaps, the second already covers all this. If you collect more varnish on the brush, then in one layer you can also put it tightly, if you are not going to make swatch of varnish later. Because the texture is jelly, then the varnish is rubbed faster than regular creams, so I applied top-drying later. In the nose, only a few tips were worn out.
Natural light without flash

Daylight + Flash

Price: 70 rubles
Rating: 5+++++
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