Two holographics or "not all that glitters is gold"

Hello, beauticians!
Summer is the time of bright colors, and more and more often there are posts about varnishes with a holographic effect.
There are two golden holographics in my collection: Pupa No. 039 and Aurelia Professional No. 111, and they will be discussed.

First, I would like to note the technical characteristics of these varnishes.
Aurelia varnish has a rather liquid consistency, lays down on the nail evenly, with a thin layer, while it is well pigmented: an air manicure is obtained in one layer. For a brighter manicure you need two layers. Thanks to a flat wide brush, it is applied in two strokes, and if there is a desire to correct something, you can safely drive with a brush, without fear of bald spots.
The varnish dries in a matter of minutes, from the category of "painted and went", which for me personally is an undoubted advantage.
I did not expect great resistance from holographics initially. Without a top in perfect condition, the manicure lasted two days, on the third it began to wear off from the tips of the nails. The top from INM extended the life of the manicure up to 4 days, while the presence of the top coating did not affect the holo effect.
The varnish contains no toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, camphor.
Period of use: more than a month
Price: 200 rubles
Rating: 5+
Pupa pleased me much less in all respects: the varnish is a bit thick, the layer is thick, to put it in one layer with a narrow long brush you need to really try. Moreover, if you immediately correct the irregularities in the application, you can spoil everything, since the second layer of varnish pulls the first along with it.
It dries quickly enough, 1 layer has dried for 10 minutes. The top does not recognize, since the holographic effect is noticeably lost. The finish is semi-matte. Although she wore it neatly, she only had enough manicure for 1 day: she painted it in the morning, and chips had already appeared in the evening.
Period of use: more than a month
Price: 180 rubles
Rating: 4
And now I’ll show the nail polishes to compare the iridescent overflows:


and next to:
here you can clearly see how different they are.
All in a good mood, be beautiful!
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