Lip gloss from Rimmel

Hello. I have long wanted to write about Rimmel's pretty lip glosses.

1. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss voluptuously shiny lipgloss 290 be famous


Detailed opinion: I consider this gloss very worthy for its not big price. It fits perfectly, does not spread over the edges, does not flow into folds. Creates a glossy finish, without sparkles. There is no particular hydration, but very pleasant on the lips. Not sticky. I can’t say about stamina, because I constantly close my lips and my gloss does not last long. The brush is a solid sponge, very comfortable. Gain as much shine as necessary. I really like its subtle sweetish aroma. This line has many beautiful colors. I still have to buy :)
Rating: 5
2. Rimmel Vinyl carat multi-reflection lipgloss 255 steal the show

Detailed opinion: This shine is very different from the previous one. I rarely use it because of the very bright color. Shine vigorously raspberry with interspersed homogeneous neon, blue and pink sparkles. It was difficult to capture this color on the lips, the swatch on the hand is most indicative. Gloss is applied with a comfortable brush. It lies flat on the lips, does not spread. There is no strong hydration. It smells like some berries, a little chemical. Resistance is not high, but it comes off smoothly, leaving a small amount of blue sparkles on the lips. I think that you can have it in a cosmetic bag for a change. Especially for 150 rubles :)
Rating: 5 -

Watch the video: Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Gloss Swatch. PuckerUpBabe (February 2020).