China Glaze LOL

Hello, beauties! Today's post will be devoted to varnish from the rather famous OMG collection.

The China Glaze OMG collection is a limited edition released in spring 2008. It consisted of 2 sets: 2BHOT and 2BKEWL. Our collection is found less and less in Russia, and in America, I judge the prices on ebay for it are rising.
I was lucky to receive 3 representatives of this collection as a gift from my husband and one of them is LOL, which will be discussed today.
China Glaze LOL is a dark purple linear holographic included in the 2BKEWL kit. Without the sun, it looks like a simple dark purple varnish, but in the sun it reveals all its beauty, for which many lacomaniacs and not only fell in love with this collection!
The brush is standard for CG, dries quickly, which sometimes complicates the distribution of varnish (especially if you have a wide nail plate or long nails), when spreading across the nail plate, terrible stripes appear that you can’t get rid of with the brush almost got upset at the first painting, but when drying varnish they completely disappear! Very strongly emphasizes the irregularities of the nail plate! Many people write that it doesn’t fall on the usual base, but I got the hang of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and with a certain skill the varnish fits perfectly. The durability disappointed me a little ... the tips chipped off on my nails for 3 days (any varnishes usually last longer than 5 days), with the Seche Vite top-dryer lasts longer, but the "rainbow" is not so obvious.
He begins to overflow even in the dim light! This is the most amazing holographic of all of mine. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there were only scattered holograms before him!
Now the varnish itself (artificial light):

Without the sun it looks like this:

And so in the sun:

There were so many photographs that I decided to make something like a collage. I put all the most successful overflows in it, both in the sun and in artificial light!
Price: gift
Rating: 5 definitely!
Thanks for attention! I hope you enjoyed it!

Watch the video: LOL - China Glaze (February 2020).