And here is Konad

Good day to all!
I want to show you my second experience with Konad - summer and fun)
I beg!

Here is what I needed:
1. Lac Jeanmishel 36
2. Varnish Rimmel 615 Fast & Fuchsia
3. Varnish MaxFactor Glossfinity 135 Royal Blue
4. Top Satin Dance Legend Coverage
5. Coating Ultra Gloss Nails from Smart Enamel
6. Nail polish remover
7. Disk Konad M63
8. Plastic card
9. The Konad Stamp
And this is how it was:
1. We cover the nails with the base, then apply the main color - I have a completely unknown Jeanmishel, bought in Auchan for 14 rubles due to a very beautiful shade. The varnish, of course, is problematic, it goes well only in three layers, it bubbles slightly, but it keeps not bad, and I really like how it looks:
2. Now we take a disk, and we put two shades, we remove them with one movement of a plastic card:
We print on a stamp:
3. Well, then again and again, we repeat it all and stamp it on the nails. It turned out like this:
And then two options. In the first I cover with a glossy top:

In the second - matte finish:

That’s basically all   Which option do you like more - matte or glossy? It would be interesting to know ...

This is how my second acquaintance with Konad disks went - somehow this time everything turned out simpler and easier, I hope we made friends with them. It seems time to order new  
p.s. Nastya. And to me, definitely, to you

Watch the video: Me trying Konad for the first time. . . (February 2020).