Artdeco Lip Lacquer Reviews

Detailed opinion: One single new lacquer lipstick in one and only shade from the Artdeco collection "Dita von Teese" summer 2012. Lacquer lipstick at number 28.
I have long wanted to try Artdeco's lacquer fondant, but somehow somehow my hands did not reach, and it was forgotten. And then the summer collection came out and when I saw this shade of lipstick in the views, I decided that I would just get it and buy the lacquer lipstick and immediately in a super-cool shade. I bought it ... but something is not very happy about this event. Of course, the shade is simply gorgeous, juicy, shiny (there are no sparkles), very good to lie on the lips. It doesn’t get numb, pigmentation with a bang, about 3 hours the lipstick is held on the lips when it comes down, not a bright pigment remains on the lips. Lips do not dry, do not stick, very comfortable to wear! Lipstick is applied with a brush and applied very well, evenly, you can first outline the contour with the tip of a native brush, and then paint over the entire area of ​​the lips. The brush is beveled at the edges, so that there are more villi in the center than at the edges.
It would seem that there are so many pluses in fondant ... but there is also a minus ... Yes, yes, yes ... that minus, which many have probably already read or heard about ... Lipstick spreads out of the lips (visible on swatches below). It is clear that a pencil for lip contour can solve such a problem, but what to do for those who do not use lip liners ?! (Yes, and there are such people)
It is a pity that it spreads, this is the only minus of this varnish lipstick.

On the lips ... (swatch made in daylight and with flash)

Price: 13,00 €
Test period: about 1.5 weeks
Thank you and all the best ...)

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