Catrice The Sydney Collection Eye end cheek Palette

Hello dear beauties!
When I was in Vladimir, I really wanted to buy something from cosmetics, which we do not have in the city. And Catrice cosmetics are not presented here, so when I saw the stand, I decided to choose something from this particular brand. At first the Catrice The Berlin Collection palette was chosen, but it was not available, and I took this one.
In principle, the shades are all suitable for green eyes, and the test on the hand showed that the shadows are pigmented well. And the price of the pallet was very low.
All the details are under the cut.

The palette is a box of durable cardboard with the image of silhouettes of Sydney's sights.
The magnet box closes, very comfortable, durable. To open, you need to pull the loop.
The back side shows how to create a Sydney Look.
What's inside? Six shades of shadows, two shades of blush, black pencil and double-sided applicator.
Shades of shadow and blush are named after the sights of Sydney.

Let's start with the blush.

Opera House - Opera House - pink-brown blush with gold sparkles. Strongly crumble when typing with a brush, you need to blow off the excess. Sequins are golden, very small. Then they are "distributed" throughout the face! It’s good that it is noticeable only near in the bright sun, you can’t see completely glittering in the shade. I have the same “ugliness” on my face after Shiseido shadows-fours.
Spangles are still about the same as in meteorites.
At first, the shade frightened me - a dark one, but it turned out that it was easy to blend.
Taronga Zoo - Tarong Zoo - bright pink blush, with a peach undertones. These blush are of excellent quality, perfectly pigmented, easy to apply and perfectly stewed almost to zero. Give a fresh pinkish tint to the cheeks.
Swatch on hand. Left applied brighter, right shaded.
Opera House - Sequins are visible.
Taronga Zoo - the spangles are very small, give a light shine, some kind of bluish, I like it!
In general. On the left is Taronga Zoo, on the right is Opera House.

Now about the shadows.
All shades are excellently pigmented, easy to apply and blend. Shades are transmitted reliably, only in life they are more saturated colors, when loading, the brightness decreases.
First, consider the three shades in the palette on the left.
Top down:
Sydney Aquarium - Sydney Aquarium. The base is matte, but contains large sparkles that crumble upon application. You have to be careful!
The Rocks - Quarter Rocks. Satin shades in the shade look completely matte. They also contain sparkles, but not as large as the top shade.
Royal Botanic Garden - Royal Botanic Garden. Pearly lilac shades, easy to apply, practically do not crumble, very soft, pleasant.

The shades on the right are also from top to bottom.
Town Hall - City Hall. Very pigmented shade, rich brown with sparkles, soft texture. Shines beautifully on the eyelid.
Harbor Bridge - Harbor Bridge. The only completely matte shadows in the palette, fine grinding, pleasant texture.
Bondi Beach - Bondi Beach. Pearl light gray-beige shade, similar in quality to lilac.

Here you can see how much the shadows are pigmented - I ran a finger over my arm once.

Pencil. Plain black pencil, soft, easy to apply on the eyelid. Durability is average. Now I rarely wear black arrows, here in all make-up I applied it under the shadows to fill the inter-eyelash space. At the swatch I ran once on the arm. I did not apply to the mucosa.

Double-sided applicator I didn’t like it at all, some kind of smooth brush - I couldn’t paint anything with it, on the other hand the sponge is ordinary, I don’t use it.

Well, in the end, a few make-ups, simple to show shadows on the eyelids.
1. Light lilac Royal Botanic Garden, in the outer corner of The Rocks.

2. Solo Sydney Aquarium, in the inner corner light lilac, a little.

3. Light gray Bondi Beach, in the outer corner the brown top, Town Hall, it is almost invisible - it is shaded, but it is.

4. Matte brown solo plus black pencil.

5. There are two shades here - the inside of the century - Bondi Beach, and the outside - Town Hall, eyeliner in black pencil from a palette, slightly shaded the pencil around the edge of the century.

As a result, I will say that both the shadows and the blush are quite decent, showed good durability. Loose shades behave perfectly at the base, hold until late in the evening without loss. Matt brown and both light mother-of-pearl wore without a base, also behaved pretty well.
In general, the palette is interesting and worthy of attention.
Palette price: about 450 rubles. in the Port de Parfum store (Vladimir).
Test period: about a month and a half.
Thank you all for your attention!
Regards, Nick.

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