Summer snacks from Organic Shop

Good day to all the residents of Beauticians! Today I decided to write my first post, and it will focus on body products from Organic Shop. I got acquainted with this brand about six months ago, then I bought myself 4 scrabics for the New Year and used them safely. But then the summer came, and I wanted to replenish the collection with new things. So…

1. Body mousse Balinese flower
Organic Shop Organic Neroli & Frangipani Body Mousse

Opinion: At the moment, my favorite body cream. It is very light, in texture it is really like mousse or yogurt, it smells of some tropical flowers. After application, the skin remains a slight sensation of coolness and hydration. For the summer - that’s it! It refreshes my skin well after being on the beach or after a hot day. The smell lasts long enough.
Rating: 5
2. Body butter Creme brulee
Organic Shop Organic Vanilla & shea Body Butter

Opinion: This is a typical body butter. Thick, dense, distributed on the skin with difficulty. However, it is well applied to steamed skin, which is why I like to apply it after taking a bath. After application, a slight stickiness remains on the skin, which then passes. It smells of something milky vanilla. It is very interesting to compare this butterfly with the analogue from Body Shop.
Rating: 4
3. Body Peeling Juicy Papaya
Organic Shop Organic Papaya & Sugar Body peeling

Opinion: the first representative of summer scrubs, but alas, not the best. The consistency of medium density, easily typed and applied to the skin, sugar particles scrub perfectly. The color is bright yellow. There is only one BUT: I don’t know how the papaya smells, but the aroma from the jar stubbornly repeats to me that this is a chemical melon!
Rating: 5-
4. Body scrub Raspberry cream
Organic Shop Organic Raspberry & Sugar Body polish

Opinion: second summer scrub, and now this is a real berry boom! Do you want to feel its aroma right now? Remember, in childhood, we quietly climbed with my grandmother in the cellar in search of a jar of raspberry jam, and after finding it, we smeared my ears and gorged? These people will understand me now) Cream does not smell there. The scrub is pink in color, there is a slight minus (as for me) - in comparison with other scrubs it is quite thick, therefore it is difficult to type on the finger and distributed on the skin.
Rating: 5-
5. Kenyan Mango Body Scrub
Organic Shop Organic Mango & Sugar Body Scrub

Opinion: my favorit! The scrub is of medium density, it is well recruited and distributed, sugar is scrubbed with a bang. It has a bright orange tint and a breathtaking aroma. It smells like multivitamin juice for me, and since this is my favorite juice, a scrub with such an aroma could not pass me by)
Rating: 5++++
As a result, I can say that I consider the acquaintance with this brand very successful, I can’t live without these bright jars now, I will buy body care regularly. I also started testing their hair products, about them in the following posts. See you soon! :)
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