My English Shopping, Part 3 - Tool Trio No. 7

Tool Series No. 7 is the brand name for the Drogeria Boots network and is sold only there.

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I went thoughtfully at the beginning of my vacation in Boots and somehow it seemed to me in the store mirror that I looked tired and even nasolabial folds formed. When I get such a vision, I immediately gain something stronger in order to start fighting this nasty aging without leaving my stand. Therefore, I took Boots No. 7 the most "age-old" funds, impressions of which, after a month, I want to share with you.

Firming Serum Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

The serum is enclosed in a bottle with a dispenser, the texture is quite dense, “silicone” to the touch, which is why I was even worried if it would clog pores for me, like the Idealist, but no, it doesn’t clog pores. The serum is quickly absorbed, getting on the skin, instantly (and this is visible to the naked eye) soothes the skin, moisturizes it - after application, the skin becomes soft to the touch, smooth, looks dull and nourished, and, as if even pink, the face is as if after 10 hours of sleep it becomes. Fibroplasts and mitochondria are satisfied :) It does not conflict with tonal agents and powder, on the contrary - even capricious powders lie on serum and cream very well.
On the downside, I’ll take the inefficiency of the serum because of its rapid absorption - it does not spread over the skin, as serums with a more liquid structure like ANR do, but it is immediately absorbed, and I need 6 presses of the dispenser on its face. Considering that the creams of the same series described below are quite economical, the serum manufacturer needs to produce in a volume of 100 ml. In addition to being economical, you can also find fault with packaging: it is not for nothing that I write every time that I like soft tubes most of all, from which you can remove the product to the last drop. In this case, about a centimeter before the end of the vial, the dispenser began to snort and spit, and then completely stopped scooping up the drug, so I had to unscrew the vial and put it upside down so that the serum drained into the jar placed for this purpose. But due to the fact that the serum is dense, it drains reluctantly and I have to shake it vigorously every time in the palm of my hand.
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Price: £ 45 for three, regular £ 22 at Drogeria Boots
Score: 5+ for the product and 3 for the bottle

Day Cream Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream

The cream has a rather dense (non-fluid, you see for yourself) consistency, but at the same time it is not thick on the skin, but light and pleasant, spreads well across the face, quickly absorbs and instantly nourishes and soothes the skin. Despite the fact that I scoop out more than generously from the can, my pores do not clog (and my pores love to do this!). The smell of the cream is fresh, unobtrusive, it goes well with the serum described above, and the foundation and the most capricious powders (even my La Prairie lousy) fall perfectly on them. The cream also has a small SPF protection 15, that is, it can be used in the sunny season in the city.
Duration of use: 1 month
Price: £ 45 for three, regular £ 22 at Drogeria Boots
Rating: 5

Night Cream Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Night Cream

In appearance, this cream is similar to a day-old brother - the texture seems quite dense, but the cream is soft and pleasant to the touch, with a fresh smell, is easily distributed on the skin, and is quickly absorbed. But the main thing is the effect immediately after application: the face looks pink, nourished, rested, and even my nasolabies lost their positions and look almost invisible. Of course, in general, the role was played by the vacation, where I slept for 10 hours, and a lot of fresh air, hiking and fruit, but the action of the cream is obvious - it is a real skin restorer. I don’t know how it affects mature skin, but for 30+ girls it’s just the perfect way to nourish skin that has to endure so much.
Duration of use: 1 month
Price: £ 45 for three, regular £ 25 at Drogeria Boots
Rating: 10
Once again I will explain about the price of products: each remedy costs 22-25 pounds, but when buying serum and day cream with any night cream, all three funds were given for 45 pounds.
A trifle, but nice: when buying, in addition to a significant discount, they also gave a pretty cosmetic bag and a coupon for a discount of 5 pounds on the next purchase.

About the contents of cosmetic bags - in the next post.

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