Handsome Maybelline Colorama No. 89 Peach Star

Today I will talk about my successful acquisition from the line of varnishes Maybelline colorama in shade No. 89 Peach Star. I was eager to acquire it, paradoxically, after a completely devastating post about him at the Beautician. But as it happens, instantly crush on the color, and then I did not care what they write about him. I didn’t have to search for this shade for a long time, and satisfied with myself, I rushed home to try out this caramel-tender miracle in color.

The varnish is applied evenly, with careful application it paints over the unevenness of the nail, the spangles are evenly distributed over the surface of the varnish. It dries, like most varnishes of the Colorama series for quite a long time, 10-15 minutes per layer. Does not stain the nail plate - after all, the varnish is light. As a base, I use UE nail strengthener. One layer in artificial light:
One layer is transparent, does not streak, but it seems to me completely insensitive. Two layers in daylight with a top UE:

Without a top, the surface is not so terrible as the girl from the previous post described. Of course, there is no pronounced gloss, but not critical. I always wear it with a coating, both for a prettier look, and for practical reasons. The varnish holds well for a very long time, sometimes it becomes faster to see the overgrown edge of the nail than any kind of coating defects appear.

As you can see, the color is milky warm with small spangles, evenly spaced on the nail. In general, I'm terribly pleased with him
Price: 63 rubles.
Thanks to everyone who looked)

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