Lumene Blueberry Long-Wear Crystal Eyeshadow # 20 Frosted Forest, 22 In the Meadow, and 24 Archipelago

Judging by the latest collections, metallic gloss is trending this summer. Since they pursue limited collections in my country to no purpose, I still can’t catch up, so I turned my eyes to the options that are more accessible to me. Although it’s not so easy to get them. But still, I became the owner of 3 shades of stable shadows from Lumene, in shade No. 20 of Frosted Forest, 22 In the Meadow, and 24 Archipelago

The design of the shadows is not very similar to the traditional circles-squares, it seems that the liquid colored metal was poured into jars and it froze in such a wave. If the shadows were silver, then I would say that it is mercury that rolls under the lid. I hardly forced myself to break this undulating beauty and try the shadows. It was a pity to break the waves.
I started with a pair of seemingly very similar shades. 22 and 20
Under different lighting, the shadows change color.

But they are similar only in boxes, but in life things are completely different.
There is no way you can confuse them.

I want to warn you right away that the shadows are so self-sufficient that I would not recommend conjuring them and trying to build complex makeup, so you simplify and reduce the cost of the image. The consistency of the shadows is very funny, it's a whipped mousse. They are easily drawn onto the brush, but they leave pieces of waves in the box. Sorry. When applied with a brush, they do not crumble, but still it is most convenient to apply with a finger or a sponge, the brush turns out to be a too light layer, and when applied with a finger you will get a metal surface for a century. For a more dramatic look, you can try wet application, but this is for extreme people, the shine will be simply stunning!
The durability of the shadows is phenomenal - they withstood the 40 degree heat in the open air and did not roll! And this is without a base. This has not happened to me yet. I thought such extreme conditions would not stand any cosmetics, and these shadows were as good as new.
And now the shadows are in action.
I'll start with the lightest shade number 22. This is a gentle cold gold, without excessive yellowness.

Wet application adds some greens to the shade.

But the bright sunny color turns the shadows into molten stars. Shadows shine and shimmer. It is because of these overflows that I do not recommend combining shades among themselves.

Let's move on to shade 20
Noble taupovy shade. Dusty purple, very beautiful and intelligent, quite suitable for a light office smokey. When I don’t have much time for training, I do just such a make-up quickly and effectively.

Wet application

As you can see, on the macro it is very clearly shown, with wet application, the shadows tighten the eyelid and emphasize all the irregularities. It seems to me that wet application implies a denser layer of cosmetics, and live facial expressions naturally lead to cracks. Therefore, I will not lower the rating of these shadows for such behavior, since all the shadows behave like this in my eyelids.
But what does the sun with a shade of 20 do

I'm in love with this overflow.
And now let's move on to a very beautiful shade # 24, which was not on the title photos. It is worth it to be allocated separately.

This is an endless blue sea. Or a bright sky. I don’t know with what this color can be compared, but this is clearly not the vulgar blue color, so beloved by Soviet saleswomen.

The photo clearly shows a metallic sheen. The shadows are so saturated that it was scary to touch them. With such brightness, colors easily slide into vulgarity. Wear the shadow of a solo for nothing! Only in the form of thick arrows, here the wet method only helps. Crazy color.

The characteristics of the shadows are the same as those of the previous two, the resistance at height. But with the application a little differently. In fact, it’s difficult to give a very bright color, it is difficult to apply, it is impossible to apply with a brush, an indistinct overflow is obtained, so I apply them with my fingers, with a sweeping movement. But what color, it is not just blue, it is a chameleonite in purple, with pink and white sparks.
Here is a duet depicted number 20 and 24

And in the sun.

But the duet 20 and 22
Simple and quite suitable for everyday makeup.

And here are all 3 colors together. This option reminds me of a promo Clarence summer collection, but much more metallic.

And in the sun

I was very pleased with the quality of these shadows, even with my dislike of shimmer and pearlescent shades, I am satisfied and confident that in the summer I will sparkle this metallic splendor in the sun more than once.
A long review has turned out, but I hope not useless.
Price: about 350 r
Test period: 2 weeks