Interesting toy from Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks in shade 030 Pink lollipop

Well, how could I get past such a beauty. First I saw her in the avenue, then I caught sight of Ksenia’s review with photos that mesmerized me even more. In any case, the product interested me and I decided to make up my mind about it. Today, the review presents a transparent lipstick-shineMaybelline 'Color Sensational Popsticks' in a shade of 030 Pink candy

First of all, the product is interesting in its appearance. A transparent stick interspersed with lilac sequins giving a neon glow

Detailed opinion: Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks is declared by the manufacturer as fruit ice. This is really an ice floe, bright, beautiful, unusual. The product is given a characteristic as lipstick-shine, as an experienced user of just such lipsticks, I can confidently say that this product is not just lipstick-shine! This is a lip balm with a slight shade.
You need to color the fondant, it is hard to apply first, then the process goes much easier. Her lips look like with a balm / hygienic lipstick, with a hint of a light color that is more pronounced over time, no sparkles were noticed. In general, the sensations are pleasant, there is no internationality on the lips, it doesn’t nourish the delicate skin of the lips.

Bare lips
Next with lipstick

Conclusion: The product was liked primarily by its appearance, not an ordinary, not boring format. To what the manufacturer claims is not enough for us. But it didn’t cause a negative either. My opinion is just a beautifully designed hygiene lipstick. A nice toy, I did not see any benefit (although the lips with it are pleasant, well-groomed), harm too. In general, I liked it, I will get another one, but in a different shade.
Price: 300 rubles
Test period: 2 days, I think you can make an opinion during this time

Watch the video: How Maybelline Baby Lips Are Made. How Stuff Is Made. Refinery29 (February 2020).