Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

So many posts about summer collections, about new products ... and I decided to review "the past"!
The fact is that the Dior Christmas collection has sunk into the soul, especially its golden representatives. Left without gold lipstick, I acquired a golden shine from the last Cruise collection. And so that he would not be bored, he added to him a couple of gold nail polish-limit from the Christmas collection. Gold is always glitter, luxury and celebration! Moreover, it does not happen much. Who is interested in admiring the golden creation from the fashion house Dior, please!

Full name of varnish:Dior Vernis Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer 221 Or Divin
Detailed opinion: This varnish is another proof that there are no seasonal varnishes! If the summer Cruise collection had a golden sheen, why not wear gold lacquered with it in pairs? I thought, and I bought it with pleasure! In view of the current trends in shimmer, pearl and metallized textures for varnish coatings (including minx), it seemed to me that wearing a varnish of this shade would be very important. The lacquer with the texture of "pearl" when applied looks like molten gold. The texture is moderately liquid, so you do not run the risk of staining everything around the nail. Despite the fact that the pearl shade is the color of a golden pearl (if anyone has seen such) - it looks like pure metallic under certain lighting conditions (I hope I managed to convey in the photo) Perhaps such a mix of textures avoids the streaks and bald spots that pearl type varnishes often sin (recall the White Pearl from Chanel) I always wear 2 layers to the base. Own gloss of the varnish allows you not to use a top, especially since the resistance of Diorovsky varnishes is excellent - you can safely wear it for up to 5 days!
The color itself is not cheap yellow mother of pearl, but pastel beige, I would describe it as nude gold. Very elegant color: both in the office and in the club - equally spectacular and stylish! Even my mother, a lover of nudes, a jacket and transparent mother-of-pearl varnishes, immediately sunk into my golden Diorovsky latch
On all photos, manicure is 3 days (visible along the overgrown edge)

Artificial lighting:

Price: 700 p. (there was an action on him)
Rating: 5+ great quality

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