Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Artistic Volume Mascara Reviews

Hi girls! Today I want to share with you my opinion about many of my favorite mascaras with the stage effect "super-volume" Cabaret from Vivienne Sabo. Who cares to see her behind the scenes, I ask under the cut:

I bought mascara a month ago, but I didn’t really like it when I bought it, because it was liquid and I gave it time to dry out a little. After a week and a half, I began to try it again.
Widespread Opinion. So we have:
- laconic packaging, made in golden black;
- a plastic brush, yes, it is a plastic one that is written on a cardboard package;
- not pronounced smell
- volume, elongation and separation - all, oddly enough, is present;
- it is not felt in the eyes;
- elastic eyelashes
- alas, but after 5-6 hours it is imprinted on the upper eyelid, at least now, in the summer, in the heat;
- also after 5-6 hours crumbles;
- in 2 layers glues eyelashes a little;
- with active use it dries quickly enough, which means it is not economical.
Naked cilia:
In 1 layer, as for me, lies well

2 layers looks less attractive but keep in mind that macro further degraded the look

Mascara did not cause me great enthusiasm and did not become my favorite. I wear in 1 layer, for the daytime make-up the most! I will not buy a second one.
Test period: 1.5 weeks of active use
Price: 40 UAH

Watch the video: Vivienne Sabo CABARET MASCARA. Chic Parisian look by @a1delatorre (February 2020).