What do you advise to bring from Japan?

Good day to you, dear beauticians!
Yesterday, our good friend made me an offer that I could not refuse, he goes to Japan and offers (knowing my obsession) to order Japanese cosmetics! I was already dumbfounded and did not understand from which edge to grab such luck. Immediately the first thing that came to mind was Benihan-Kuchibeni lipstick in a traditional style (pictured), but this is more of a souvenir, now I ask for advice on what else to order, what would you like in my place and order?
The essence (as well as an explanation of what sobsna is for a wonderful lipstick I want) under the cut

So what do we “have” - or the essence of the problem - I want mostly something to care for, I immediately thought about Kanebo Sensai, as if I would ask for peeling powder, Fancl cleansing oil, Shiseido cleansing oil, my eyes run up, I feel like a child in a candy store SK cream -II. From makeup essno Cle de peau, but what else? Suqqu? brushes?
Maybe you recommend something specifically exotic? For so long I wanted real Japanese cosmetics, and now everything has flown out of my mind like evil. What would you order in my place?
And about lipstick, her name in Japanese is Kuchibeni-kuchi-mouth, Beni is the name of a flower, or Benihan (just like the restaurant chain of the same name) Beni, as we remember the name of the flower, and Khan is the word and means flower! In general, the etymology of the name refers us straight to something botanically floral. Beni is safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) so he is the main ingredient in "Geisha lipstick", as it is also called. A thin layer of lipstick is applied to the inside of the bowl, similar to a sake glass, it looks yellow-gold, but when it comes in contact with water, it gives a stunning deep red color to the lips of Japanese geisha. It’s also interesting to apply, you moisten the brush in water and starting from the top of the bowl you cover the brush with a layer of lipstick, put it on the lower lip in the center, then merge it to the edges, but the upper lip should be vice versa from the corners of the lips to the center.
a photo
pialochka itself
manufacturing process
by the way, recently, NARS did something similar in its limit for Christmas, but I did not have time to buy it, and it wasn’t a real benihan

and photo of geisha with benihana

I will make a reservation right away, I will not wear this, just for the collection I really want

photo from here
Nevertheless, the essence of the post in the following-What to bring from Japan?
have a nice day, everyone

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