Need a new gel (foam) for washing problem skin

Dear girls! Very often I write posts in this section, but what can I do. The thing is, as I always read, I thought what to buy, but did not come to a consensus) if I may say so. What problem is I used to buy foam from faberlik, but now I want to buy something new. I have problem skin in the sense that you yourself may know what problems (I intensively treated for many months in the fall, so now I would not say that my skin is oily or dry or normal) I can’t determine this at all, I have T zone, sometimes problems appear, I use the cream so now nothing is peeling. I do not need gels or foams for specific types of skin - dry, oily, etc. Also I do not use tonalki, only powder. I need a rather delicate gel to wash my skin, but also to remove makeup from the eyes, too, so as not to pinch. Or foam. So that the skin does not dry and does not oily. Of course, I know La Roche-Posay and that it has good mousse and gel. But alas, at the moment I can not afford them. I need good budget funds.
Thank you for your attention. Eugene

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