Helena Rubinstein Color Clone Hydra 24H Nude Finish Foundation Lasting Comfort SPF 15 - Reviews

I want to talk about my favorite product at the moment Helena Rubinstein: Color Clone Hydra-24h

This foundation provides long-lasting hydration, has a sun protection factor of SPF 15. It gives the skin a radiance and provides a perfectly even tone. Lightweight foundation, perfectly applied the first time.
When choosing a tonal foundation, hydration is important for me, and so that my face looks natural, there is no
mask effect. And also so that the tone does not emphasize pores and peeling.
The tonalnik is very wet, so my opinion is that it is suitable for dry or normal skin, for oily skin,
although they write that it is for all skin types.
There is a pleasant aroma in the tonal.
The only negative in my opinion is that it is not very conveniently squeezed out.
I like dispensers more, and it’s not economical at all, to spend money quickly, but the cons end there
With this tonal I am always comfortable, he is very persistent for this is a big plus.
very light, I would say that the air foundation
here it is applied to half of the hand, it can be seen that it looks very natural and it is imperceptible
the same thing only in a different light

I have 20 tone

Testing period 6 months
Price in Duty Free 54 €

Watch the video: How to apply : COLOR CLONE foundation (February 2020).