My Little Cleopatra's Secret (-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics- Recovery Mud Mask)

-417 Recovery Mud Mask.

Detailed opinion: I couldn’t share this mask with you, dear inhabitants of Beauticians) It’s not even that it is magical and justifies the price and all the promises of the manufacturer, but that it is one of the most unusual and fun cosmetics. This mom bought my wonderful mask during a trip to Israel. The second name of the mask is "Cleopatra's Mask".
The tool itself is dark gray in color, of extraordinary structure. As if granules of dirt were dissolved in the idealist.
First you need to prepare the skin. It’s enough for me to wash myself with soap (soap is also mud, my must have, when it ends, I will sob)
I distribute the mask over my face, it lays down perfectly, very soft. It doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, so please be impressionable, please) I wait 5 minutes. And here the fun begins. A piece of magnet is used, which comes complete with a mask, I run it across the face and all the dirt remains on the magnet, as a result we have a smooth, clean face.
And now in more detail about what she is doing with my face. After using the mask, my skin is smooth, soft and silk. Touching is a pleasure. The pores are clean (this is the most important thing for me). Probably this mask + soap did the impossible for me: because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, terrible subcutaneous crawls got out from me, now they are gone. Rather, there is ... 1 that crawls out in the most unexpected place, but in the most unloved week of the month;) I use it regularly, once a month, while it is terribly economical. It whitens the skin a little, especially I noticed it in the wake of the hypodermic who tormented me. They brighten and I believe that one day they will pass completely) My mother is also delighted with her. The mask gives a good lifting effect, small wrinkles are smoothed out, and large ones are slightly straightened. She uses the whole complex -417 and after that the unfortunate Sublimage moved to a closet, where she stands and goes out. In general, I advise everyone to all-all-all this mask.
with mask:


clean face:
Price: about 2000 p.
Test period: several months
Thanks for attention)