Makeup "Triangles"

The idea of ​​this make-up is not mine, it was suggested to me by a beautiful girl and a talented make-up artist Anyuta. It was with this makeup that my love for pencil technique began.
The option is just for beginners. A very simple technique, but due to the combination of matte and shining shadows it looks spectacular.
1. I draw a triangle with a brown pencil.
2. Using a dense brush, blend the triangle into the shadow
3. Frosted brown shadows duplicate the pencil backing. While it does not look very good, now we’ll fix it.
4. I paint the inner corner of the eye with a matte milky shadow. With the same color, I blend all the borders of brown.
5. Slightly bring the lower eyelid with the same brown
6. Under the eyebrow a little shining powder, small arrow
7. And mascara. All is ready.

Watch the video: My REAL FRIENDS Do My Makeup (February 2020).