Dior Golden Jungle Fall Makeup Collection 2012 - Autumn makeup collection Dior 2012

Good afternoon, girls!
I propose today to plunge a little into the future and look at the fall makeup collection 2012 from Dior

I love leopard print, but only on someone, not on myself. I can’t wear it on myself - I don’t feel comfortable (although the dream is a leopard print swimsuit that I just can’t find)
Dior is one of his favorite topics.

1. Star product this fall will be a product for the eyes and lip gloss two in one - Golden jungle palette. Two palettes, one more brown Golden brownthe other is hacks Golden kakis

2. Five Shadows 5 Couleurs Designer

3. Shades of 3 Couleurs Glow in two shades:
-very bright Ivory Glow
Beige Nude Glow
Both with black eyeliner.

4. Dior Addict lipstick in four new shades:
- Daring.

5. The same blush Diorblush in two shades

6. Lucky.
Two new shades - khaki and brown. As well as a craquelure deuce (), which, according to the description, differs from other craquelures - this one with thinner cracks for the effect of crocodile skin

And some more swatch

As for my opinion, the collection is certainly beautiful, but not WOW. Chanel in terms of autumn pleased me personally much more.
It seems to me that the collection will be ideal for brown-eyed and green-eyed girls. And purely the entire collection.
The star product is beautiful, but nothing more. Such shades do not suit me, so there is no point in buying (I will admire your posts in the fall).
Five shadows are definitely past me, such shades do not suit me.
The triple of shadows are not bad, but commonplace.
Dior Addict lipsticks should be watched live, but it seems to me that they are dark.
But the blush that I liked the lighter!
Nail polishes ... And again past the Cravel with thinner cracks for the effect of crocodile skin it is certainly tempting, but my opinion is that this is more a marketing move (and a good one!). It looks super on the promo, but on the swatch from life -.
In general, I personally will stand and admire the collection and most likely I will not have anything from the Dior autumn collection. Almost everything is past. It happens??)
Thanks for attention!
I hope it was interesting.
beauty staff

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