Lierac Safe Tanning High Protection Cream For Face SPF 30 Reviews

Hello, beauticians!
Post about my face cream with SPF30

I have normal skin, the T-zone in heat, of course, glistens. The sun is very, very angry, intense, so without a cream with SPF, usually at least 30, you should not go outside even in winter. Naturally, I tried many different creams, but this one remained in my favorites, I buy it several times in a row and want to share my opinion with you, maybe the information will be useful to someone when choosing a cream for permanent use or for a trip on vacation, for example.
So, Lierac Solaire Protection Haute SPF30 Crème haute hydratation. Anti-âge visage.
I photographed a leaflet with information
I don’t know whether this photo will be readable after compression and cropping, but without this it was impossible in any way. Therefore, in short, I am writing information for you from the insert.
The Lierac solar line is a UVA / UVB filter system that combines new generation filters with high photostabilization and natural sugar to enhance the protective effect. All products included in the line are true concentrates that activate the natural tan, restore and protect the skin of any type from the harmful effects of the sun (respectively, tanning, protection or restoration depends on the line you choose and the SPF factor).
This product is intended to moisturize the skin and protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Palm oil, which is part of the product, promotes overall healing and skin rejuvenation, has excellent antioxidant properties, deeply moisturizes and softens the skin. Prevention of signs of skin aging thanks to saffron from Oceania, absolute vanilla, turmeric and cinnamon wax and prickly pear extract, which can compensate for cell-level disturbances, stimulating the skin's own protective and regenerative mechanisms. Apply in the morning to cleansed skin. The cream has a pleasant and light texture, leaves no greasy and white marks, shine, is instantly absorbed. Great makeup base. On the tube is written d'origine vegetale - that is, of plant origin.
My impression Cream in a tube
A cream with a light pleasant aroma, white, dense texture - I even thought right away that it would lie with a thick film on my face. Nothing like this! The cream is light, pleasant to apply, absorbs quickly, leaving no film on the face or oily sheen. Comfortable. Moisturizes the skin, there is no feeling of tightness, does not overload the skin. If I do makeup, then let the cream soak for 20-30 minutes. The powder lies down well, I use light powder-voils or just meteorites and that's it
Here is a cream rather dense in appearance

I took photos of swatch cream on my son’s pen because it was just impossible to hold a DSLR with one hand and pose with my other hand, but I was able to make the necessary sharpness, we got clear photos, the cream texture is clearly visible thanks to my model, I tried so hard
Cream allergies and rashes did not cause for a period of use of approximately 6 months.
The price is approximately 26 $ 50 ml
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