Witching flask. Love motion by oriflame

Only two fragrances from the mass market that I have are from this brand. I decided to tell you about one of them.

Some time ago I had the opportunity to order something from Oriflame through a friend. And so she brought me some kind of order from six months ago, and several samplers. I unscrewed the Love Potion probe immediately and immediately lost the cap. I don’t know what came over me, but without thinking twice, I poured the entire sampler onto myself. However, looking around I found that no one had fainted from suffocation, and my friend, listening to the aroma in surprise, said, “It suits you”
Although I am a fan of aromas of a completely different price segment, but I ordered myself such an aroma, in addition to oil with the same aroma (in the title picture).
From the manufacturer:
Heady oriental-fruity aroma inspired by the alchemy of love and inciting passion with notes of aphrodisiacs.
Aroma Type: Oriental, Fruit
Top notes: mandarin orange, ginger, rum
Heart notes: cocoa flower, white lily, vanilla
Base notes: chocolate, tonka bean, sandalwood
from me:
there is not a single fruit there. I only feel chocolate, rum and sandalwood. Everything else if not written to the heap, then perhaps as auxiliary elements to the disclosure of the notes I have listed. This is a very honest direct fragrance that tells the whole world that you are beautiful and desirable, and want to be one.
The bottle design is conducive to witchcraft and gothic visualizations. I’m probably not going to be original, but the first thing that occurred to me was “Drink me!” from "Alice in Wonderland" by Carroll.

There are gloomy associations with a viscous drop of blood:

Nevertheless, the whole bottle looks only closed. When you remove the cover, it may resemble a broken heel from poor-quality shoes:
The bottle itself is pretty nice to hold in your hands:

A few words about oil - it's just a pleasant light oil without any special functions, the aroma of this perfume, but it disappears quickly. Nothing supernatural who often does a relaxing massage can be recommended. A separate detailed response is not worth it.
good quality product. Those who love heavy oriental aromas should do it. Unlike all perfumery products of the masses and network companies, it is very persistent. For some, the presence of notes of noble alcohol (please do not confuse alcohol with it) may cause a headache. In the sampler, the aroma is weaker - a precedent. In reality, one and a half zilch from the bottle is enough to be free all day (from updating the perfume) and to jump from the men who want to meet in the rhythm of a frantic gazelle. This fragrance is not at all like all the perfumes of the masses and network companies.
There is nothing to compare with. I don’t know such aromas. I am satisfied. Favorite will not, but on occasion I will use.
The issue price is within 800 rubles, if there is a stock in the catalog. Oil - 160 rubles or so
Usage time - situationally, about six months.

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