Keune - care for colored hair (a review of three remedies)

While my long-suffering finger is healing, I write posts not about varnishes)))) But still I hope that they are not useless.
Today I dedicate my post to some colored hair care products from Keune
To get started about my hair:
The hair is thin, dry, brittle, but despite this I dye it every few months. I color my hair exclusively in the salon, because at home I risk staying without them at all)))) Now about the color: my native hair color is medium blond, not light or dark, but average))) My naughty hair is always confused and always strives to make a nest))) the length was below the shoulder blades, now it is cut along the shoulder blades and cascaded all over the head.
I have been using Keune's professional care for several years, periodically changing it to other products of various brands. In our city there is only one salon working on this cosmetics, and I have been using their services for 9 years (I changed the salon only two times during this time - and both times they spoiled my hair).
Well, it's time to move on from such a small introductory part to the description:
1. Mask for colored hair Keune Color Brilliance Treatment Care Line:

My opinion: the consistency mask is thick, a little thinner than solid oil (Butter Body shop, for example). But to apply it easily, the mask does not drip from the hair. The aroma is very pleasant, slightly fruity, with sourness. Hair after it is smooth, elastic, silky to the touch. Of all the masks that I used, it was this one that made an amazing impression on me. Hair is easy to comb, it becomes supple. Does not leave a feeling of stale, greasy and sticky. Gives shine to dyed hair.
My mark: 5
Cost: in the region of 900 rubles.
2. Shampoo Persistent color - Keune Color Care shampoo:

My opinion: I really like shampoo. The smell is awesome, who tried to understand me (I would like to have such a perfume). Yes, the sulfate shampoo, but despite this, it really copes with all its tasks. Foam, as from a means for taking a shower, you can not wait. When washing hair, it feels like a shampoo cream, a soft, deliciously smelling cream. The consistency of the shampoo is quite liquid and transparent in color. After it, even balm, air conditioning can not be used. It is washed perfectly with water. It contains a UV filter, which favorably affects dyed hair. Together with the following remedy, it works wonders with my feeble hairs))) Hair becomes light, but at the same time, volume and weight are felt.
My mark: 5
Cost: in the region of 550 rubles per 250 ml.
3. Conditioner Color Resistant - Keune Color Care Conditioner:

My opinion:
As you probably already guess, I am delighted with this air conditioner. Very good care for colored hair. It has a thick consistency, the smell is like a shampoo, but a little stronger. Does not drip from hair. It is applied well. In tandem with shampoo, it works wonders, as mentioned above. Also contains UV filters.
My mark: 5
Cost: about 500 rubles
I already said that my hair is very confused, it is enough to turn my head once after combing, knots appear immediately. So after using this series, I can calmly comb my hair at any time, shake my hair (if necessary) with my hands - there was a case when I simply forgot a hairbrush at home (here’s a mess).
I also used many styling products for this brand. I was satisfied. For dyed hair, this is a worthy care.
Well, my hair:
Flash (shine in the sun also):
Daylight (overcast):

I hope you were interested?
Be happy!

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