All that was discontinued is good. Shadows of Yves Rosher Luminelle No. 71, 78

Hello, beauties!

I decided to talk about my passion for Yves Rocher’s modest, not at all luxurious shadows, which I’ll never be able to see on the stands of this store ... The entire series has been discontinued, my favorite shades are not in the storerooms, so I have such sadness ...
One of the two shadows is already quite old, so I'll show "what I can")
Here they are, my charms ((
1.Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 71 Melon Nature
2. Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 78 Fleur de Chataigne

First, I'll show you swatch shadows together, on the wrist and fingers in different lighting conditions.
Here, in daylight, at the top, they are applied to the white NYX base, the color has not changed so much as it seems in the photo
In the sun:
On fingers:

And now individually about each.
1.Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 71 Melon Nature

Detailed opinion: I acquired these shadows a very long time ago, probably 3 years ago, and recently I have been saving them very much (due to the reason indicated above). I used to wear them every day with pleasure, I fell in love with them for a soft peach tint, satin finish, ease of application and durability. And they also fit almost any other dark shadows as a bright corner of the eye and as a substrate)) But I liked to wear them solo with an arrow more, until I bought the second ones, which will be described below)) They fit well even in a dry way using rubber applicator, brush off more, do not want to give pigment. In general, I really love this sissy and I will stretch her life as much as possible, now they are for a special occasion

And on the eye in daylight
In the sun

Rating: five! my ancient petty favorites
2. Yves Rosher Luminelle Eyeshadow 78 Fleur de Chataigne

Detailed opinion: These shadows became my second and last purchase from this product line ... I grabbed it without much thought, because I knew everything about the quality of these shadows, I wanted a rich chocolate shade)) I got it partially, because it turned out to be a real chameleon, sometimes completely not subject to logic ! It can be brown, burgundy and even pinkish. it’s true that I couldn’t catch the last ebb with the camera (or maybe she could, maybe someone will see it!) Suitable both for solo performance of the smokey ice and in a duet with any other bright shadows, but I use them more often with my older brother) ) or sister, how are they
Let's look at the tint in action
In the sun: “To bordot!”, As my mother likes to say, she loves a burgundy color))
But with electric light we get a chocolate bar!

And lastly, the shadow of the duet)) This is exactly what I love for every day)

Rating: and these 5))
Test period: 3 years and a year
Price: in the region of 300r, I don’t remember anymore, and what it matters now (
I hope the post was useful, maybe some of you also have these very inconspicuous but nevertheless very good shadows lying around))
That's all, thanks for stopping by!
My name is Lyuba, you can just Liu
I wish you all a happy shopping and good mood))

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