Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Comfort Radiance Compact Makeup SPF 10 - Reviews

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I want to leave a review about this powder:
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Here is my powder, battered by time:
Detailed opinion:
At first, the soul in this powder did not look, but then acne began in the nose and forehead. My skin is combi (T-zone is oily). I changed my care, bought masks, but my acne didn’t go away, and my head didn’t even think that it was my favorite powder. In the spring I went to Prague without powder, only mascara and lipstick, I decided to take a vacation to my face. And acne began to appear less and less, it was then that I realized that everything was to blame. I stopped using powder, acne left my skin.
Now point by point:
Kit brush, sponge, velvet pouch
Smell practically absent
Grinding small, when typing with a native brush dusts
Shimmer Completely matte
Application distributed over the face without much difficulty. The sponge application turns out to be more dense (it was used once, then threw it away), the native application with a brush turns out to be easier.
Disguise moderate degree, something insignificant will hide, the rest is not for her.
Facial behavior 3-4 hours without corrections, then Shiseido matting wipes with powder correction in the T-zone. And most importantly, it clogs my pores.
Expiration date after the start of use 18 months
Srez. Effects visually smoothes the surface of the face, masks a slight redness, makes the skin dull.
Total, if I didn’t clog pores, then I would continue to love her.

Price: about 2200 rub.
Test period: 1 year
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