Essie 2011 Braziliant Collection

Here is the Essie summer collection last year called Braziliant. All varnishes are very bright and summer!

Full name of varnish: Essie Super Bossa Nova
Detailed opinion: The raspberry shimmer with bluish particles, from the set I liked the least ... the particles somehow prevent it from evenly applying, and you need to have perfectly polished nails, and I was too lazy to bring them to mind. in the end it looks a little rough.

Full name of varnish: Essie Meet me at Sunset
Detailed opinion: Orange-red jelly, rather dense, excellent gloss and no problems in application.

Full name of varnish: Essie braziliant
Detailed opinion: the twin brother of the previous one, differs in tone, texture and the presence of a small pink shimmer, which unfortunately can only be caught with a microscope.

Full name of varnish: Essie Smooth Sailing
Detailed opinion: and my favorite is already a year! not only from this collection but also from all my varnishes in general. Wonderful periwinkle bluish blue with silverfish. Be sure to buy the full version when this bubble is over. The only complaint to him - silverfish make the varnish less glossy.

Rating: 5+
Price: $ 11 for a set of 4 mini varnishes
By the summer I'm ready :) for tanned hands such varnishes will go off with a bang
What summer do you like to paint?
Thanks for attention!

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