Cheap hair growth accelerator Constant Delight lozione anticaduta

Constant Delight lozione anticaduta anti-hair loss lotion

From the manufacturer: The innovative formula of the lotion acts on the scalp due to the presence of active substances that stimulate blood circulation around the hair follicles, moisturizes, and also has a calming effect. The lotion fights against abnormal hair loss, and also restores the strength and tone of the capillary structure.
Mode of application : lotion is applied to clean scalp immediately after washing the hair, rubbed into the scalp with gentle massage movements and DOES NOT RINSE! It is advisable not to dry your hair immediately, but to let the lotion act in vivo. For a more intense exposure, you can use the lotion 2 times a week. Course (10 ampoules)
VOLUME: 10 ampoules of 10 ml.
Detailed opinion:
About myself, like once, about two years ago, my hair was thick and long, but since I dyed my hair in a wildly blond, they could not stand it and ... fell off! ))) and all that remains of my thick and long hair is a "rat tail" and a crest from above. Since then I by all means, by hook or by crook, wish the fastest hair growth! I went to the store for other ampoules, but they weren’t available, but the seller advised me, maybe I wouldn’t even take them, but the price hit me, for 10 pieces - only 400 rubles. without thinking twice took.
I applied them as advised in the instructions, twice a week, on my hair washed / dried with a towel. At first I wanted to save money, and applied half an ampoule, but not a burning sensation, I didn’t feel anything, so I decided right away, although there really was a lot of it! but still!
Oh yeah! the head starts to burn! burn! but everything is tolerable, after 15-20 minutes everything comes to naught. The smell of the lotion is strong, but my nose reacted to it positively. Well, the result hit me! I dye my hair, so I can see the difference, I dye my hair once a month and a half, and usually, during this period they grow up to a maximum of 7-8 mm, and then 1.5 cm! even the hairdresser noticed the difference! so I myself am amazed at the effect for only 400 rubles! buy more, be sure! but after 2 months. I think you still can’t be abused. Well, as for straight from hair loss, I don’t know, pah pah never suffered from this.
Price: 400 rubles!
Test period: 1 month
thanks for reading :)

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