My ripe cherries from Orly

Girls, hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about my favorite "cherry" varnish from Orly. It looks very beautiful on both hands and legs. Quality is also not inferior to the beauty of this instance. Who cares to read and see, Welcome!

Orly Thorned Rose No. 40725

So, for starters, a few words ... I am a fan of the traditional shades of varnish. Such as scarlet, coral, burgundy, nude and so on. I really like the look of turquoise and “mimosa” on the nails of other girls, but I myself feel uncomfortable with such shades. Although I try to wear them, especially in the summer. But I have a special passion for all variations of dark varnishes, (except black). Wine, dark blue, dark purple. I love to do pedicures with similar shades. Therefore, when I saw this varnish at the Orly booth, I grabbed it without thinking about the beauty and depth of color. But then I realized that this color is very multifaceted and refined. I associate it with ripe cherries or with wine.
Detailed opinion: The varnish is in a traditional bottle for Orly. The brush is narrow. Of course, I prefer the wide ones, but Orly hasn’t reached this point yet ... But anyway, I don’t have problems with the evenness of the application. Varnish is recommended to be applied in 2-3 layers. In the first application, I suffered with it, it was just unrealistically liquid. Because of this, there were problems with flowing onto the cuticle and the first layer turned out to be too transparent. At that time I wore it in three layers. Now, six months later, its consistency has become "what you need," so I wear it in two, or even in one layer! Sam varnish cream texture. It doesn’t bubble (although, at first I had such a problem, but experimentally I calculated that this was my error, due to the fact that I shook the varnish well before applying, which should not be done). The shade itself is without shimmers, without sparkles. Pure gloss, in a word! It does not dry very quickly, but the drying top, which I use in any case, fixes everything. It is worn for three days, then it starts to wear off at the tips, for me it is a long time. The lacquer itself is of such a texture that it begins to wear out, not crack. I also want to note that the varnish has even an extraordinary gloss even without a top! What you can see by watching the swatch. So, the photo in the studio ...
The varnish is applied in two layers, without a top:

Well, on the legs. In my opinion, an ideal option for pedicure:
Price: about 250 rubles
Rating: 5- (for the initial liquid consistency)
Thank you all for your attention!
I hope it was helpful. My name is Sofia
I wish you and your nails beauty.

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