Fog and Sissy from MAC

I have bypassed the MAC side for too long. Either because of the wealth of choices that made my eyes run wide, or because of the too troublesome consultants, or because of the modest appearance of the packages, I don’t know :)
But then one day, in search of blush, I still wandered there. Of course, they told me everything, showed and made up for me, and I could not leave without a purchase.
So my new friends:

1. Blush MAC Sheertone Blush Shade Tenderling
Detailed opinion:
I have nothing to compare them with especially. Blush in my life was rarely present in the makeup bag, but the desire to buy them periodically appeared. The main requirement this time was that the blush should be without an active shimmer, a light neutral warm shade. Stopped at Tenderling ("sissy" :).
Soft, delicate, a shade of dusty pink-beige, such a warm pink, if you look closely, you can find golden sparkles, but they look very delicate on the cheeks. Universal enough and almost invisible on the face, if not applied too actively. In general, for the first time, it seems to me that I am pleased with the blush :)
A piece of me :) Here you can see the golden shimmer.

Rating: 5
Price: 990 rub
2. Shadows MAC Eye Shadow shade Vapor (velvet)

Detailed opinion:
Shadow grabbed for the company. I’m not a Tenemaniac, I rarely wear them, more often I just raise my eyes and paint with mascara, but I had to try my favorite MAC shadows :) I wanted to start with some kind of neutral base color. I chose between Yogurt, Vanilla and Vapor, the result you see :)
The color is light beige-pink (the photo in the jar is quite true), but the spangles look like a silver-lilac hue, and this shade is clearly visible on my eyelids. Honestly, this was an unexpected discovery for me, because on the hand in the store, this effect was not at all noticeable Soft, they fit well and stew, do not crumble and do not crumble. Without a base, I liked it a little more, the color is more neutral, but I can’t wear shadows without a base, any slipping after 1-2 hours, and these are no exception. At the base, just the lilac shade is most clearly manifested, it perfectly holds all day. In general, the color is interesting, luminous and worthy even to perform solo with intensive application, or paired with some more saturated purple or other cool shade. True, in my opinion, it’s not a very universal base, you still need to buy Vanilla.
Here it is, my lilac fog (applied to the base)

In complex makeup is not strong, I can draw a maximum with a pencil and add a little purple to the outer corner.
The truth here is its beautiful overflows for some reason imperceptibly, only a little sparkle sparkle on a pencil.
Rating: 5
Price: 730 rub
Well, a general view with two participants in the post (it turned out a bit too much blush while trying to catch them in the photo :)
Electric light:
In the bright winter sun:

In general, I liked the products from MAC, I will try further, and it is possible that someday these little black rounds will squeeze out most of the boxes from my cosmetic bag :))
Im Anya.
Thanks for stopping by.

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