Green Mama Reviews

My bottle is coming to an end Green Mama's Cleansing Gel Foam. And I, having fully appreciated it, am ready to share my opinion with you.
Detailed opinion: I bought foam after meeting Green Moms masks that I liked. I thought to choose the entire care of this manufacturer, but it wasn’t there.

The bottle is equipped with a standard dispenser, convenient, closing - you can wrap it and transport it somewhere, unscrew it and use it further.
The foam itself is transparent, some kind of light yellow. Foams through time - time is good, time at all in any way. It cleans by sensations not bad, but it could have been better, it needs to be washed off well - it can leave a feeling of lack of awareness. It tightens after washing, then I either use a moisturizing tonic, or it soon passes by itself. Therefore, dry skin does not fit.
As for me - the foam is not economical - I have been using it for two months, and it is already running out, and there are as much as 300 ml of it, I thought it would be enough for 4 months. But in principle, I'm glad that it ends, because ours communication with her passed without enthusiasm and any striking changes in the skin. The second time, most likely I will not buy it, I will try something else.
The foam was neither good nor bad. Plain, of which there are many.
Price: ~ 40 hryvnia.
Test period: 2 months.
Rating: middle product in half, put 3+ (thanks to the manufacturer for ethics).

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