Two Pre-Shampoo Hair Masks

A post about two organic hair masks. And as you already understood from the title of the post, Pre - means to use before applying shampoo.

I was actively fond of oils all winter and in the spring I decided to relax and I was too lazy to bother with oily masks, I decided to buy ready-made masks that include oils, vitamins and various extracts. In autumn and winter, I plan to return again to homemade masks.
Aubrey Organics, Hair Rescue, Conditioning Mask, Blue Green Algae, 118 ml. Nutritious mask with blue-green algae "Intensive recovery"

Aqua, cetyl alcohol, alcohol denat. (38b, lavender), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, butyrospermum parkii, hydrolyzed rhodophycea extract, glycerin, citrus grandis (grapefruit) extract, aphanizomenon flos aquae *, glyceryl linoleate, glyceryl linolenate, tocopherol acetate, hamamelis virginiana water, oil, daucus carota sativa root extract, beta-carotene.
My review
A very good mask, although uneconomical, has a big expense on my hair. When applied to dry ones, banks are not enough, so I moisten the hair a little and then the mask is easier to distribute, it does not absorb so quickly. So, the mask is marsh green, the consistency is heterogeneous, similar to a clay mask, with some unpleasant odor. The smell is strong on my nose, clay and algae ... something marsh ... It is instantly absorbed and makes hair dry and icicles, behaves like clay on the face (also dries), the hair is difficult to control, it just becomes a stake. You can put it in a bun and under a hat in warmth, or in a sauna as I do it and then, under the influence of hot steam, the mask becomes very pleasant and soft on the hair, you can even do a massage. Hair is incredibly slippery with her. Hold for 15-20 minutes and wash my usual shampoo + balm. The effect is amazing. Hair well-groomed and nourished, shine. The best effect was seen after the sauna. I bought it again, because for me it is like spa care. By the way, thanks to the one who advised her here, I can not find that comment ... A very worthy product. And the smell can be tolerated for the sake of the result.

I've been using since March
Price $ 12.18
Rating 4+
Burt's Bees, Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo, Hair Treatment, 123 g. Avocado Hair Mask

Vegetable glycerin, olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, oat flour, citrus rind oil (cleanser), lanolin, nettle leaf powder, quillaja extract, oat oil, chlorophyll & vegetable oil, rosemary leaf oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), fragrance.
My review
For those who do not like to bother with oils, this mask will be an option. As part of a lot of oils useful for hair. The mask is in a convenient tube, it is good that the manufacturer made a big hole because the mask is very viscous. It is sticky, oily and even hard, resembling resin only a little softer. Green and a strange smell, it’s kind of nasty, but it seems like nothing if you sniff it, in any case a mixture of oils and as if mint ... I don’t feel it on my hair like in a bag and under a hat. It is not easy to distribute it, you need to first melt a little in the palms and then on the hair, I put more on the tips and a little bit on the length of the hair. Hair looks like "dirty icicles" and, in principle, it should be so. But after 10 minutes, somewhere the mask begins to be absorbed and the hair takes on a different look a bit. We look at the photo ourselves. I leave it for an hour somewhere, then wash off the usual way with any shampoo. There is no difficulty. The hair is soft after the mask. The photo speaks for itself, I think. I definitely liked it and I will continue to buy it. More economical than the first mask, but I take a maximum tablespoon of the mask.

Just put on a mask
10-15 minutes later
I've been using it since April
Price $ 8.98
Rating 5
Conclusion: both masks are worth attention, they came up to me, although many do not like the reviews, but I'm a fan of oils and hair care, so I could not pass by. And I will buy one and the other mask again. I love leaving before shampoo.
The result, in my opinion, is good, I now enjoy the overgrown cascade and count the months when finally I cut my hair in a straight cut. Hair is lively, shiny (all photos are taken in the sun or in daylight). Avocado mask helps me not to cut my hair often, it prevents my hair from swelling during the “wash”

I’m Marina, you are with me.

Watch the video: DIY Hair mask for silky smooth shiny hairs. Pre shampoo conditioner Full HD (February 2020).