Lucky Subastus No. 5,114, 9, 28, 87, 99

Some time ago, there was an opportunity to purchase Subastus varnishes. Of course, I bought a few copies and now I'm ready to show swatch. There are 6 varnishes at once, so I will be brief.

1. Subastus No. 5

Subastus No. 5 - a transparent varnish of a milky shade with gold and silver micro-shimmer. The shimmer is so small that it can only be seen from close range in bright light.
Base Subastus + 4 coats of varnish + top-drying Poshe.

The application is problem-free, does not strip, does not leave bald spots, the shimmer is evenly distributed, it does not stretch behind the brush. Dries fast. But very transparent, 4 layers noticeably shows a hue, but does not overlap the smile line. Persistent.
Rating: 5

2. Subastus No. 114

Subastus No. 114 - the bottle has a pastel lilac hue, and cold pink on the nails. The more light, the more pink appears. So transparent that only in 4 layers can we say that the varnish still has its own shade.
Base Subastus + 4 layers of varnish, without a top.
Good as a pastel base for tops, for example, with CND Sapphire Sparkle:
The varnish is liquid and tries to roll all the time, it doesn’t need to leak, which creates some inconvenience when applying. But there are pluses, the varnish dries quickly, does not bubble and is applied evenly, good own gloss.
Rating: 4

3. Subastus No. 9

Subastus No. 9 - Gold shimmer in a translucent white base.
Base Subastus + 2 layers of varnish, without a top.
3 layers:
The varnish is quite dense, even one layer can be saturated, but in my opinion two thin layers are the best option - the smile line is barely visible. Technical specifications are at their best, but the shimmer when applied repeats the movement of the brush, in other words, streaks, albeit slightly.
Rating: 5-

4. Subastus No. 28

Subastus No. 28 - dusty pink and purple hue, contains a holographic shimmer. The bottle is unremarkable, but in fact a real treasure.
Base Subastus + 2 layers of varnish + top:

It is ideal in application, from the first layer it lays evenly, without bald spots and stripes, and is resistant.
Rating: 5+

5. Subastus No. 87

Subastus No. 87 - maroon varnish with a lot of shimmer.
Macro shooting revealed that in the bottle the shimmer casts into a redhead, but on the nails it is still burgundy.
Base Isadora + 2 layers of varnish + top:

The brush is very comfortable for me, I managed to apply the varnish evenly, without bald spots. Density allows you to wear in one layer, I wear in two. I am glad that the shade does not go black. Persistent.
Rating: 5

6. Subastus No. 99

Subastus No. 99 - dark cherry lacquer with a glass texture and a glossy finish. One of the most favorite varnishes.
In the bottle you can see the cold raspberry shade:
Base IsaDora + 2 layers of varnish:
It is impossible to apply this varnish uniformly in one layer - it is liquidish, therefore it shines through in some places, the second layer evens everything out. Dries quickly, resistant.
Rating: 5
Price from 144 to 179 rubles per bottle.
Are you familiar with Subastus varnishes?
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