Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

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we have had spring for a long time, I finally got ready to show you my sissy ...

Full name of varnish:
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color 471 Ming

Detailed opinion:
I have long wanted such a gentle varnish with a shimmer, for every day, but not mother-of-pearl, this one fell for me.
Very tender, innocent, with the smallest shimmer pink shade, looks great on both short and “moderately” long nails, I'm in love with him!
I think about the brush, if not everything is known, almost everything is thin, personally for me it could be wider like that of the ORI, for example, this lacquer lays well, without bald spots both without base and with it, I have varnish applied to 2 layers to the base, without a top. The varnish dries as standard, drying in the drops comes to my aid ... It lasts 3 days without a base, it lasts up to a week! Thanks to my two helpers, the base and top, I fell in love with Chanel varnishes and I want to buy them again and again !!!
under certain lighting conditions, this may be

Price: 23,95€
Rating:without base and top 4, with them 5 ++++
Full name of varnish:
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper # 08 night in vegas

Detailed opinion:
On the 4th day I covered Chanel with a top, in my opinion they do not look bad together, do not you find ?!
And so about the top, a decent brush, I manage to paint over the entire nail plate at a time, the consistency is denser than varnish, I really like it, it dries, I can’t say how long I drip the drier. This top extends the life of lacquer for another 4 days! It is removed quite simply. And so watch the swatch ...
depending on the lighting, the top changes the tide (?)

I wear varnishes with Mick's glitter and Coco Shine lipstick 57

Price: 3€
Many thanks to everyone who read it.
It is possible to "you"

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