Three penny products against skin imperfections

I’ll tell you how, with the help of simple means, my skin became acceptable.
Baseline: oily, problematic skin prone to inflammation.
The main thing that I learned for myself is not to forget about myself. Only regular care gives the result.
Present photo before and after.
7 notes of health. Badyaga Forte. Gel:

- The gel has an active absorbable effect. Promotes the disappearance of bruises, age spots and stagnant spots.
- Activates blood supply.
- Reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, prevents the development of acne. It has a deep restorative, anti-aging effect.
- Improves the appearance of the skin, gives elasticity.
The input of special purification, budyag, glycerin, extracts of plantain, yarrow, gel, bronopol, perfume.

Detailed opinion:
I came across this gel in the process of searching for a thread from acne spots. It was a priority. You yourself know: the pimple has long passed, and the trail all shines with a red spot. I read that the buggies in Pts powder are strong and effective, but decided to try the gel, which is more delicate. Really very scared reviews of the most severe irritation, redness that does not go away for days, etc. The gel contains small particles of silicon needles, from which the face tingles. I apply with light circular motions. It dries quite quickly, but I keep it as it should be for 10-20 minutes. Application and washing off are perhaps the most unpleasant moments. The first few times I thought to quit, then decided to be more persistent. Further it was easier, but the discomfort remains. My face turns a little red, just a little bit, apparently I have thick skin and warms up)) I do it in the evenings 2-3 times a week, and by morning everything goes away.
What I can confirm from my experience about the gel:
- alignment of complexion
- gradual resorption of acne spots
- reducing the depth of the wrinkles between the eyebrows I like to frown
What didn’t happen to me:
- reduce oily skin
It can cause hair growth, so I do not smear above the lip. You can not smear on places with rosacea, as well as on ongoing inflammation. At the first application, it is recommended to conduct an elbow test. It seems she didn’t lie. I used the gel for more than half and will certainly buy more.
Term of use: about 3 months
Rating: 5
Price: I don’t remember, it seems about 100 rubles + -
Sante. Moisturizing mask with yogurt and pineapple. With enzyme peeling effect

An effective complex of natural ingredients (yogurt, pineapple extract, emu ostrich oil, what is this ?, corn germ oil) in combination with D-panthenol and allantoin intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, maintaining its firmness and elasticity, softens wrinkles, and strengthens the vascular wall. Pineapple extract and lactic acid stimulate skin renewal by gently and effectively cleansing the upper layer of the skin.
The mask helps to reduce puffiness and lighten the skin, smooth its microrelief, softens the skin, makes it smooth, radiant, with a silky texture.

Detailed opinion:
The mask was given to me as a gift for the purchase. It is recommended to apply a thin layer for 15 minutes. So we do.
I use this mask after Badyaga Forte, I do not want to leave it alone. It turns out I use 2-3 times a week.
It smells nice, yogurt, I want to try. The mask is applied easily, like a regular cream, a little sticky. During the exposure, it dries a little. When it is washed off a little foaming / soaping is generally easily washed off. It leaves only a pleasant impression: fresh and soft skin.
Of the declared
- I didn’t notice the lightening and didn’t ask for it, nor did it soften.
- smooth, radiant, with a silky texture? yes, but only right after use then my fat kills everything
Term of use: about 3 months
Rating: 5. Against nothing to say.
Price: a gift, but google found a price of 60-70 rubles.
I saw this recipe in anibani's post Miracle tonic of sea salt for problem skin. For which many thanks to her. I really liked him.
And now a photo of the result. I think this is not exactly the action of the little things of this post only (we also take into account my post about Pevonia), but they made a significant contribution.
Of course, I’m far from perfection, but already rushing in his direction.

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