My spring make-up

Good day to all!
I would like to show you my makeup, inspired by the arrival of spring :)

To start, I prepare my face: I apply powder, forever - base under the shade, under the eyes of a concealer, I put my eyebrows with gel:
I use Vivienne Sabo double eye shadow for eye makeup. On the moving eyelid from the inner corner to the eye I put light shadows:
Then I darken the outer corner of the eye with darker shadows and blend the transition:
I draw the lower eyelid with a pencil, and on the upper eyeliner I draw an arrow:
I paint my eyelashes with mascara and add a few white shadows under the eyebrow:

I paint lips with gloss:
And as the last touch of blush is pale pink. Here is what I got as a result:

Thanks for attention)

Watch the video: SPRING "NO MAKEUP" MAKEUP LOOK + FAUX FRECKLES. Jessica Vu (February 2020).