Gorgeous Orly Ancient Jade

Full name of varnish:
Orly Ancient Jade 40746

Detailed opinion:
A lot has already been written about this beauty. Some people like it, others don't like it. Well, there are no friends on the taste and color. Personally, I got hooked on similar colors this spring. Crazy mint maniac. In the store, I chose between Ancient Jade and Frisky, the second seemed bright to me, although later I still bought it. By the way, Gumdrop originally wanted, but never found it.
So, Ancient Jade, like most of its Orly brothers, is applied well, dries quickly, does not strip. In terms of durability, it is certainly not ice, day 3 without chips and washable tips. Although, everything is relative and depends on how often he gets into an aggressive environment. By itself, after drying, it remains glossy, but, it seems to me, not enough, so I cover it with ORLY Glosser.

In the last photo, the color is well conveyed. It is just like that: bordering between blue and green.
Color 5 ++, application 5, color fastness 4.

Watch the video: 24 Karat Glitter Gold on Jade Nails (February 2020).